The Speaker vs The President and the Rohee decision – 2 videos

Speaker defends a decision that prevents Minister Rohee from bringing new legislation

President has no Confidence in House Speaker

November 29, 2012  – Capitol News:

President Donald Ramotar has now indicated that he and his Government have lost confidence in the Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman.

The Guyana Government remains unhappy with the recent decision of the Speaker of the National Assembly to send the issue of whether Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee be gagged, sent to the Committee of Privileges and in the meantime not allow the Minister to lay any bill before the National Assembly.                     

Over the weekend, President Ramotar expressed his frustration over what is going on in the National Assembly where the combined opposition holds the majority. The President told the Women’s Conference of his party that the recent decision by the Speaker was political one and not a legal one. The President all but stop short of calling for Trotman to step down.

Trotman indicated just last week in the National Assembly that he would be prepared to go his way if all of the parliamentary parties or any one of them called for his resignation.

The majority being held by the opposition in the National Assembly is not something the Government feels comfortable with but the administration may be cautious too and may not want to call snap elections fearing an outcome that might not be in its favour.

The many conflicts in the National Assembly have even forced the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry to issue a call for compromise.

The opposition parties have made known their position, saying while they are open to compromise and working together for the good of the nation, the Government’s position seem very different. The Government would differ on that and has been saying it is willing to work things out.

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  • Cyril Balkaran  On 11/27/2012 at 11:33 am

    The people are the eventual judge of the events in the Parliament and out side of the Law making assembly. The speaker has done nothing more than to compound an already difficult situation over Clement Rohee. The one majority in the Parliament has created history in the Commonwealth of nations. The inability of those who are obstructing the works of the Government should remind themselves that when they went to the polls they went as a seperate entity and that only for parliamentary reasons the three parties came together. Compromise is the key factor here and at this festive season Guyana and the Guyanese people can do without the bickerings of a Parliamentary system that has stymed the Parliament since day one of this new Parliamentary term. Mr,Speaker, you may consult with May’s Parliamentary procedures which is the Bible of British parliamentary Proceedings, but nothing prevents you from calling other speakers and seeking good advice. The Guyana’s present parliamentary configuration is perhaps without a parallel in the commonwealth, where this three parties are holding a one vote majority and partisan politics is the order of the day. The country is now suffering and the last thing the President wants is to call an election! Mr speaker, you have ruled and so be it.We await the outcome of this kind of Parliamentary behaviour. Good Luck and God bless Guyana.

  • N TEWARIE  On 11/27/2012 at 8:38 pm


    • sirenagx  On 11/29/2012 at 6:14 pm

      The question is not one of bullying, but the laws regarding parliament. Based on what the laws indicate, Rohee cannot be prevented from speaking or forced to resign by any motion in parliament or be judged by committee. Rohee does not appear to be a success at his job, however, the opposition tacts are not productive or effective, in dealing with most issues. We need them to negotiate with the governent to get the best outcome for their supporters, not simply oppose everything. We need hard questioning of government while influencing as many policies as possible. Government is not stupid they will give in to solid reasoning or look bad.

  • Cyril Balkaran  On 11/30/2012 at 9:56 am

    The trouble in the country is created by the intellect of the Guyanese leaders. They are too wise. They have forgotten how to apply reason and logic along with common sense to solve problems. The Politicians only see things in a very narrow perspective and this is the crux of the Problems facing the Parliament. The speaker has gone overboard in his rulings and these have favoured the opposition. Why don’t all these leaders get together in a retreat and iron things out. Remember there cannot be two governments in the same parliament. The Government of the combined opposition with one seat majority and the Real government of the President Ramoutar. Eusi has hinted at a one party state and this is exactly what the opposition has created out of their one majority vote. Politics is for a different breed of men who are called POLITICAL ANIMALS. They lack reasoning powers and so the country will suffer until Ramoutar sounds the election Bell!

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