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GUYANA promotes agriculture; fends off protectionism charge in oil diversification — By Mohamed Hamaludin


“Oil “don’t spoil,” the late Dr. Eric Williams, prime minister of petroleum-rich Trinidad and Tobago, was reported to have once said. To which the late Forbes Burnham, then prime minister of agriculture-oriented Guyana, retorted, “But you can’t eat it.”

What happens when you have both oil and food? Lots of headache.

Tension between the two Caribbean Community (CARICOM) nations has existed for decades, even though Trinidad and Tobago once wrote off a US$400 million debt Guyana owed for petroleum products, according to former Guyana Parliament Speaker Ralph Ramkarran.

Many Guyanese traveled to other CARICOM countries to live and work in the 1970s and 1980s, “creating monumental chaos” during transit at Trinidad’s Piarco International Airport “with huge bundles packed with goods being brought back to Guyana for trading,” Ramkarran wrote in a Guyanese Online column.“ No single Guyanese passing through Trinidad during this era, and even much later, has not experienced surly, enhanced scrutiny and less than accommodating reception at Trinidad’s Immigration and Customs desks.”          Continue reading

Cuso: Volunteering Helps Guyanese-Canadian Keep Ties To Guyana

Cuso: Volunteering Helps Guyanese-Canadian Keep Ties To Guyana

OCTOBER 11, 2017 – Cuso International – Guyana

In the mid 1960s, Patsy Russell was taught by a Cuso International volunteer. Now she is one. “I went to a convent school in Georgetown, and a Cuso volunteer, Gwenne Wardle, taught us games and gymnastics.”

Fifty years later, now a volunteer herself she can see how Cuso International’s model has changed. Not placed at a school, but with Guyana’s Small Business Bureau she is overseeing the establishment of two business incubators. Her goal is to continue the work she did on her previous placement with the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry which she left after a one-year placement in April.

Read more: https://cusoguyana.wordpress.com/2017/10/17/cuso-volunteering-helps-guyanese-canadian-keep-ties-to-guyana/

Cuso: Celebrating Global Diaspora Week and the contribution of diaspora communities around Canada and the world.


Guyana: The business community and declining fortunes


The business community and declining fortunes


The Georgetown Chamber has completed yet another attitudinal survey and as has been the norm, its findings hold no surprises for those who have been following business trends over recent years. The overwhelming majority of those who responded to the survey say that they do not hold out much hope for a change in their fortunes this year.

This comment jars sharply against comments by the government that the economy is on the ‘improve’ and that businesses are expanding.  The government has over the years, been keen to inform the world that it was open to expediting the investment climate and that people were falling head over heels to come to invest in Guyana.

Such a report would have brought smiles to the members of the business community. For example, the hotels would have been reporting better occupancy, because the visiting investors would have had to stay somewhere.  Continue reading

City Chamber calls on all parties to honour Linden pact

City Chamber calls on all parties to honour Linden pact

Posted By Stabroek editor On January 7, 2013 Comments

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry today called on all parties to honour the pact reached on August 21 last year to end the Linden crisis.

The Chamber statement comes amid growing unease that nearly five months after the deal was reached to end the crisis sparked by proposed higher electricity tariffs that nothing has been achieved.

Government and the Region 10 (Upper Berbice/Upper Demerara) administration have traded charges over who is responsible. Region 10 is to hold a public meeting this weekend to ventilate concerns over the state of the pact which was to address issues like the tariff review, a television station and the economic prospects for the region.     Continue reading

The Speaker vs The President and the Rohee decision – 2 videos

Speaker defends a decision that prevents Minister Rohee from bringing new legislation

President has no Confidence in House Speaker

November 29, 2012  – Capitol News:

President Donald Ramotar has now indicated that he and his Government have lost confidence in the Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman.

The Guyana Government remains unhappy with the recent decision of the Speaker of the National Assembly to send the issue of whether Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee be gagged, sent to the Committee of Privileges and in the meantime not allow the Minister to lay any bill before the National Assembly.                      Continue reading

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