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The most dangerous place in the country – letter by GHK Lall

The most dangerous place in the country – Parliament

Stabroek News  – November 19, 2012 Letters | GHK Lall

Parliament Building

A few weeks ago I wrote of how dangerous Guyana as whole has become. [see letter here – click].   Today, I place the spotlight on a particular place that is unquestionably the most dangerous place in this country.

Nobody wants to be the first to say it publicly, so I will do the dirty, thankless job.  At first I felt it would have been certain dark streets and notorious alleyways. Then I thought it would be that high-powered office on Vlissengen Road. While the latter comes very close, it does not house all of the sinister unsavoury characters.     Continue reading

Finance – The fall of the universal bank

Finance – The fall of the universal bank

Exit the rock-star bosses

Nov 21st 2012 | from The World In 2013  – The Economist

Before the great crash of 2008, the universal banks swaggered around London, Hong Kong and New York. Barclays, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche and UBS imagined they could be all things to investors in (almost) all corners of the globe. Five years on, in 2013, such ambitions will seem quaint as the American and European banks find themselves either shrinking further or increasingly marginalised.

Far from competing in every category from asset management to equity derivatives and fixed income, the universal banks will abandon businesses and locations, through forced disposals or severe cost-cutting. From the ruins, a new order will emerge: one with different capital structures, new credit channels and a continued shift in power towards Asian institutions, some of which will be either partly or wholly government-owned.   Continue reading

Guyanese receive help in Far Rockaway, Queens NY

Guyanese receive much needed help in Far Rockaway, Queens NY 

Written by Tangerine Clarke   –  24 November 2012  – Guyana Chronicle

Sunday, November 11 was a blisteringly cold day in the ocean-side town of Far Rockaway, Queens but this didn’t stop members of the Guyana Diplomat Corps from joining religious and cultural organizations to bring hot meals, warm blankets and cleaning supplies to hurricane victims in one of the hardest hit areas in the New York area.

Picture shows .. Pamela Ross, Shanta Fields and Allison Ross from Ozone Park, Queens, brought a smile to the faces of kids after handing them hot meals in the Far Rockaway Township.

[Read more .. Guyanese receive much needed help in Far Rockaway, Queens NY]

‘Say Merry Christmas’ – a new Christmas music video

‘Say Merry Christmas’ – a new Christmas song

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