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Dave Martins – Tradewinds – 46 songs/videos – autoplay

Dave Martins – Tradewinds – 46 songs/videos – autoplay

Known for their witty and insightful songs of Caribbean life, the Tradewinds, formed in 1966, have become one of the most revered groups in the West Indies. Led by the versatile Dave Martins (Guyana) with his guitar, vocal and composing ability, the group, like it’s name, reflects the span of the Caribbean.

Here is the Dave Martins website:  http://www.dtradewinds.com/

Dave Martins – Speech on Guyana – with video

In Guyana -Tradewinds – Dave Martins

Dave Martins –  Speech on Guyana

This speech made by David Martins 4 years ago is  patriotic, inspiring, nostalgic and funny.   Here it is ENJOY!

“Guyana has put a stamp on us with this vibrant, colourful, humourous, optimistic culture that sets us up to succeed when opportunity comes.

A Guyanese friend of mine, Terry Ferreira, who lives in New Jersey put it very well in an email he sent me, and which I sent on to the Stabroek News in Guyana. Before I read his note, I need to tell you that this is the same Terry Ferreira, a ‘Putagee’ from New Amsterdam, who, in 1996, rode a bike 7,600 miles from Orinduik in Guyana, through Brazil, Venezuela, Central America, the US, all the way to the Niagara Falls. It took him five months, but he did it. The first 160 miles, his sister Donna rode with him. After that, it was him alone. Not many people know this amazing story of this amazing guy: 7,600 miles in five months. That’s the kind of man he is.   Continue reading

US Elections 2012 – Cast your vote!

US Elections 2012 – Cast your vote!

By: Ron Persaud – (Volunteer for Obama 2012 campaign)

It is the one thing that you own completely.  No one can take it away from you unless you allow them to do so.

It is your vote.

You take complete responsibility. You exercise a clear choice – according to your own values; and no one – absolutely no one! – can judge your action, simply because they do not have to know.

For those two reasons, I believe that the American people have instinctively and intuitively elected the President that is right for the times.

When all the hype is over and when all the millions have been spent; when all the half truths have been shouted and debates have come and went;             Continue reading

The Customs Broker: Partnership for Success

Another interesting post from Rosaliene Bacchus. Check out the other posts on her Blog.

Three Worlds One Vision

Customs Inspection – Receita Federal – Brazil

Source: http://www.comexblog.com.br


Customs officials (agentes aduaneiros) at Fortaleza’s port and airport, in Brazil’s northeast state of Ceará, were not my favorite kind of people. With the duty of collecting import and other government taxes and combating counterfeit and contraband trade, they cannot afford to be friendly individuals. In a society where corruption among government officials at all levels is commonplace, reputable agents cannot curry favor with the business community.

Corrupt agents, encountering discrepancies in shipping documents, the price of an item, or one or more of your goods during a physical inspection, seek bribes to make the problem disappear to clear your goods. Others may find problems where none exist.

Customs brokers (despachantes aduaneiros) – in the business for many years and who have day-to-day contact with government officials at the ports and airports – know what type…

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