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Moses, the Guyanese saw-playing musician

Moses, the Guyanese saw-playing musician with an Honorary Doctorate

October 28, 2012 | By KNews | By Lin-Jay Harry-Voglezon (American Int’l News Correspondent)

These media operatives are fascinated by the exploits of the ‘saw man’, Moses Josiah.

He was at 14th Street-Times Square, a major hub of New York’s extensive subway. On any day, that and other underground hubs would be spiced with artistic performances from able and disabled artistes, seeking recognition and income, if permitted by the New York Audition Board.

“You are Guyanese, right?” I asked. His eyes twinkled. His voice buoyantly replied, “Yes, I am”. “And you are Moses?” I enquired. “I’m Moses Josiah, called ‘The Maestro’.”

While attracting his attention, a team of media men were engaging him too, exploring their curiosities, recording every answer, the glissando or portamento as the cello bow traveled along the non-serrated edge of the baritone saw. They captured too, the bouncing, twitching rhythm of his right leg which adds vibrato to the ethereal hymns and national songs of Guyana.    [more – Moses Josiah]

Hurricane Sandy a Taste of More Extreme Weather to Come

Hurricane Sandy a Taste of More Extreme Weather to Come

By Stephen Leahy – for Nation of Change

Killing nearly 200 people in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean and crippling much of New York City and surrounding areas earlier this week, Hurricane Sandy was the kind of extreme weather event scientists have long predicted will occur with global warming.

“Climate change is a reality,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after Sandy swept through his state.

Sandy was twice the size of an average hurricane, and it hit the eastern coast of the United States, where sea levels have been rising the fastest, said Kevin Trenberth, senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.   Continue reading

A Stroll Through History – Book Review

Book Review: A Stroll Through History

November 4, 2012 | By |      A journey through life’s burdens

By Dr Glenville Ashby  –   glenvilleashby@gmail.com

Poet’s are known to ponder, to reflect on life’s offering – be it love or hate; peace or war; the sacred and the profane. Theirs is a work of depth analysis, sometimes barely understood. The reader must now internalise, interpret the meaning of that spoken or written word.

In many ways, Trinidadian Jerome Teelucksingh is a traditionalist, holding true to the keys of the genre.
He can befuddle with abstraction, and equally un-impress with strong doses of literalism. A Stroll Through History is a melange of poems – each making a case against the fortuity of life.
Here, humankind is enslaved by the senses and the warped generational archetype that withers individualism. We are but automatons, bound to a machine that grinds us into old age, senility, and death.    Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath – New York and New Jersey – 5 videos

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath -Inside the Chaos of Breezy Point, N.Y.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath Video: New York at a Stand Still

Continue reading

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