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If We Ever Needed to Vote! | Rev. Dr. William J. Barber

US Elections 2012 – If We Ever Needed to Vote! | Rev. Dr. William J. Barber

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In this short yet powerful video, William J. Barber delivers a commanding and historical message encouraging everyone that, “If we ever needed to vote, we need to vote now!” View the full 15 minute speech athttp://youtu.be/wn5uGBis-Ac.

US presidential election: Obama – four more years

US presidential election: Obama – four more years

The record is certainly not perfect, but he has done about as well as anyone could reasonably expect

  • Editorial  The Guardian, Friday 2 November 2012 20.27 GMT

In Stephen King’s remarkable time-travel novel 11.22.63, the central character, Jake, journeys back from the America of 2011 to the America of the early 1960s. While he is there, a woman challenges him to tell her one good thing about the future. “I’ll give you two for the price of one,” Jake eventually replies. “The cold war is over and the president is a black man.” The woman’s jaw drops. “You’re serious?” she stammers in disbelief. “Yes, I am,” Jake replies. The woman ponders this almost inconceivable news from the future. Finally she asks, very haltingly: “Is he … doing a good job?” Jake explains that opinions of the president vary but, “If you want mine, he’s doing as well as anyone could expect, given the complexities.”              Continue reading

My Vote – by Ron Persaud

My Vote – by Ron Persaud

On Monday, the 27th. April 1953, I finally understood what my vote really meant.

On that date, the first general election, under Adult Suffrage (one man/woman = one vote), took place in that British colony in South America that we all know or remember so well. The vision of Internal Self Government greatly excited the generations of my parents and grandparents. Inevitably, that enthusiasm rubbed off on my generation, on the cusp of my teenage years.

I was bombarded on all fronts – at home, at school and by various relatives – in Leguan especially, where I used to spend all my school holidays.
My dad would be called a political junkie today. He clipped and pasted newspaper cuttings as a hobby and in the months leading up to the elections he clipped and pasted everything, or so it seemed.                     Continue reading

The Drifters – 100 songs/videos – autoplay

The Drifters – 100 songs/videos – autoplay

The Drifters are a long-lived American doo-wop and R&B/soul vocal group with a peak in popularity from 1953 to 1963, though several splinter Drifters continue to perform today. They were originally formed to serve as Clyde McPhatter’s (of Billy Ward & the Dominoes) backing group in 1953.

Rolling Stone magazine states that the Drifters were the least stable of the vocal groups due to being low-paid hired musicians of their management.The Treadwell Drifters website states that there have been 60 vocalists in the history of the Treadwell Drifters line.   Continue reading

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