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Wismar/Christianburg/Mackenzie/Demerara River

Nostalgia: Wismar/Christianburg/Mackenzie/Demerara River

This account by Peter Halder of life in the Upper Demerara River in the late 1950’s gives a vivid picture of that area that all should like, as it reflects some of the unique features of life at Mc Kenzie, the mining town and the nearby Wismar, Christianburg, and the Demerara River, then the only link to Georgetown and the outside world.

Here is his conclusion in the 13 page document which is attached:


Living in the Upper Demerara River District was a lasting, memorable and wonderful experience. I was not yet 21. The experience influenced my future life. In my opinion, it was the best working experience in my life. My knowledge of people, responsibility, the law, the district and the beauty of friendship was a treasure beyond compare. Georgetown was tame when I returned to it from my tenure”.

Peter Halder.     E-mail: peterhalder@hotmail.com

Now read the very interesting accounts of the geography, native Amerindian peoples, the indigenous  foods and personalities he met during his  three years as a government employee there… download link below:>

NOSTALGIA -Wismar-Christianburg-Mackenzie-Demerara River by Peter Halder

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