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Barbados – “Taste of Guyana 2010”

Barbados: “Taste of Guyana – 2010”

BARBADOS:  Here are some photographs taken at the Taste of Guyana – 2010, featuring the Duck Curry Competition.

Slideshow at this link: > Taste of Guyana Slideshow

On Sunday June 27th, the Guyanese Association of Barbados (GABI), held its annual ― “Taste of Guyana”  event at the Mount Gay Distilleries Exhibition Hall, located at Brandons, Spring Garden Highway, Bridgetown.

It was a beautiful sunny day and hundreds of Guyanese and their friends took the opportunity to enjoy the afternoon and evening, meeting friends and making new ones, while they were tasting the many Guyanese dishes and refreshments available.

The event started around midday and went on until 8.30pm. Music was a mixture of oldies, current hits, soca, calypso and chutney. There were various areas in the facility to enjoy the event. In the front was the courtyard, while in the back there was a large area with a lounge with TV to view the World Cup match in progress. There were also a number of craft vendors in a special raised patio area nearby.

The highlight of the Taste of Guyana event this year was the ― Duck Curry Competition‖. There were six contestants and they all had different methods of preparing the dish. In the end the event was won by the team of Ramesh Seegobin & Asha Matadin. Second was Imran Ally, and third was Vaughn Griffith.

Read all about the Duck Curry competition in this article in Stabroek News – ―Tastes Like Home‖ by Cynthia Nelson, titled ―A Taste of Guyana in Barbados. Also visit her Flickr site for more pictures link to the album……. see links at the end of this entry

Cynthia Nelson‘s website is : www.tasteslikehome.org .

Thank You
The Guyanese Association of Barbados
thanks its membership for attending the ―Taste of Guyana event. Most of all we thank the major sponsors for their gifts. These include : Mount Gay Distilleries Limited, Preconco Limited, Digicel, Nationnews, Banks Holdings Limited (BHL), SuperCentre Stores, Climate Control, Barbados Steel Works, Esso and Thunderstorm Sound System.

We also thank the many vendors, volunteers who manned the gate and bars and set up the tents and organized the Duck Curry Competition. With their help we had a very successful Taste of Guyana event for 2010.

Stabroek News article “Tastes like Home” by Cynthia Nelson: Duck Curry Competition at Barbados’ Taste of Guyana :


Link to FlickR album by Cynthia Nelson:


“Guyanese Wanderer” by Jan Carew

“Guyanese Wanderer”

…….  Short Stories by Jan Carew

Reviewed by Eusi Kwayana

Of the ten tales eight are set in Guyana; two in Europe. But they are all haunted by the rhythm of the birth place, reminding those who remember of his early demands for “a poetry that smells of our earth and represents more clearly the dreams of our people.”

The author tells the tales with a tender and brutal realism, chipping away at all the veils that people wear with or without religious requirement. Where he is planning to unveil the inner compulsions of desire or greed or flirtation, he carefully arranges the scene to remove chance of instant discovery and then lets the human animal free, in strict privacy, only subject to these dramatic revelations from a distance of time and place that conceals the original actors and grants them back their privacy. There are two such tales in the book, involving the same male with one or two women one at each pole of the social ladder..

Read the full review by Eusi Kwayana here“Guyanese Wanderer”

Note:  This book is available from many sources.  The least expensive is from Amazon.com

Wilson Harris Knighted

Wilson Harris Knighted

Wilson Harris knighted By Stabroek staff | June 14, 2010

United Kingdom–based Guyanese writer Wilson Harris has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth, the honour coinciding with Her Majesty’s birthday celebrations this year.

A writer of fiction and non-fiction essays, Theodore Wilson Harris featured on Queen Elizabeth’s 2010 birthday honours list for his contribution to literature and he joins several other Guyanese who have been similarly honoured.

Harris was last April hailed as a “quiet revolutionary” in a “quiet revolution” when he was featured at the 28th Conference of West Indian Literature held in Guyana. At the forum, at which another writer, Guyanese Edgar Mittelholzer was honoured, Professor Mark McWatt of the University of the West Indies stated that,’ “Part of the quietly revolutionary art of Wilson Harris’ writings is his ability to read in the landscape and to reproduce in his fiction, the human emotions of fear and dread.”

Professor McWatt noted that Harris has said that much of literature that deals with landscape is a one-sided discourse and posited that this is not the case in the eminent writer’s work.

One of Guyana’s best known writers, the 89-year old Harris was born in New Amsterdam in British Guiana and attended Queen’s College after which he studied land surveying and began to work as a government surveyor in 1942, rising to senior surveyor in 1955. In this period Harris became intimately acquainted with the Guyanese interior and with the Amerindian presence, his profile on the Peepal Tree Press website said.

Between 1945 and 1961, Harris was a regular contributor of stories, poems and essays to Kyk-over-Al and was part of a group of Guyanese intellectuals that included Martin Carter, Sidney Singh, Ivan Van Sertima and Milton Williams. His first publication was a book of poems, Fetish, (1951) under the pseudonym Kona Waruk, followed by the more substantial Eternity to Season (1954) which announced Harris’s commitment to a cross-cultural vision in the arts, linking the Homeric to the Guyanese.

Harris’s first published novel was Palace of the Peacock (1969), followed by a further 23 novels with The Ghost of Memory (2006) as the most recent. He relocated to the United Kingdom in 1959.

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