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Buxton Friendship Express – July 2010

This is the Buxton Friendship Newsletter for July 2010.

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Here is an excerpt from this newsletter:

It is with sincere commitment and pride that the Response Committee, formed to organize the activities for the commemoration of the 170th Anniversary of the purchase of Buxton-Friendship assiduously undertakes plans to satisfy the expectations of hundreds of overseas-based Buxtonians and friends of Buxton, who will participate in this major historic event.

Our fore-parents exposed ideals and values – co-operativism, thrift, unity, independence, education, love for your fellow people, strength of character etc., and they must remain pillars upon which we continue to build and defend Buxton. In retrospect, our fore-parents were a nononsense group of people who fought for what they believed-a virtue we need to promote, as we collectively climb to the top of the mountains with Buxton on our shoulders.

Village development has indeed been dormant for too long and whatever caused that malaise should be addressed so that Buxton, the second village to have been purchased by former African slaves and the first to have acquired its transport, is restored to its prime position. During

this journey, we have earned too many .firsts. (which you will hear about later) to not  contemplate serious development of our village at this juncture.

It is with deep anticipation that we await your arrival and active involvement in the wide variety of activities programmed for this landmark celebration. We are truly excited and, on behalf of all our members, I take this opportunity to welcome you home to Buxton to celebrate our heritage while charting a new development path. Let that feeling of nostalgia propel you not only to reminisce on the good, old village life but. Most importantly, to reaffirm your conviction to rebuild Buxton in every respect. Come and have real fun!!

Bring your brain to promote a progressive vision. Bring your energy to fuel the spirit of unity. Bring your right clothing to celebrate the Buxton Village Movement.

Bring your commitment, passion and goodwill to endorse the development thrust of Buxton Village.

Our fore parents must be smiling in their graves.

Warm Regards,

Barbara Thomas-Holder. Chair, Buxton Response Committee

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