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Buxton Friendship Farming Development

Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud and a team met with farmers of Buxton/Friendship on Tuesday to discuss the ministry’s plans to revitalise large-scale farming in the area by undertaking drainage and irrigation and road works.

Persaud, along with Region Four Chairman Clement Corlette, Neigh-bourhood Democratic Council Chairman Randolph Blair and other officials from the ministry engaged cane, non-traditional and livestock farmers at Buxton and nearby villages at the Buxton Market.

The ministry is involved in land-clearing projects in Buxton/Friendship communities which will enable farmers to return to the land, a Government Information Agency (GINA) press release said.

Because the lands have been abandoned for years and the area does not have a proper drainage system, it is prone to flooding and as such the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board opened seven contracts for major drainage works. The contracts will see the expediting of mechanical excavation of drainage canals in Friendship at east sideline at a cost of $9.1M; west sideline at a cost of $9.1M; and middle walk canal at a cost of $8.8M.

Plans are also in train to excavate canals in Buxton at east sideline at a cost of $9.1M, the west sideline drainage canal, at a cost of $8.8M and middle walk canal to the tune of $9.1M. In addition the revetment within the Buxton pump basin will be built at an approximate cost of $4M.

During interactions farmers said the clearing of canals is necessary. One cane farmer noted that he was forced to abandon his crop because the clogged canal made it difficult for the punt to traverse the area. Persaud also highlighted several other infrastructure works being expedited in the Buxton/ Friendship area including the construction of Abrams/Watson Street, Friendship and Middle Road, Buxton.

Read full article here: Large scale farming plans for Buxton-Friendship

Victoria Conferencing on Development Options

Victoria Conferencing on Development Options

News release download> Victoria Village Conference

A two-day Conference under the theme, “Imagining, Involving, & Investing in our Future” has been planned by Villagers and Victorians in the Diaspora as a way or focusing upon the worsening economic plight and development prospects of residents of the country’s First Village.

The Conference is also intended as a means of galvanizing residents to creative action in order to compensate for the deepening spread of hopelessness among the young and to arrest further decline in the social and economic fabric of the once prosperous and leading rural community.

The Conference to be hosted by the Victoria Reconstruction Trust, an informal association established to stimulate entrepreneurial activities and foster renewal, and members of the Victoria Diaspora, groupings of Victorians and friends not resident in the Village, will open on Thursday, the 5th of August 2010.

The Conference Secretariat lists among the critical need for candid and constructive discussions, the urgency of arresting the encroaching decline in various sectors of the Village – social, educational, economic, agricultural, academic, infra-structural, moral, spiritual – and to assist, challenge, and encourage Villagers to contemplate a Different Future individually and collectively and help to equip them to take appropriate actions to realizing this Future.

Noting that there have been bold entrepreneurial activities in spite of the economic decline of the Village, the Conference aims to discover, document, and analyze with the view of strengthening the existing economic, financial and human resource development programs that currently exist in the village in order to facilitate their improvement, expansion, and transformation.

C lick here to read full news release:> Victoria Village Conference

Conference Leadership & Planning Committee Secretariat: Victoria, East Coast Demerara, GUYANA, South America: Telephone 592-256-0576




Objective: To develop Cerebral Capital

Initially the focus will be on Guyana and St Kitts & Nevis but as the Foundation grows, scholarships will be extended to other parts of the West Indies and Canada.

Full scholarships will be offered in three categories:

a)      Pre-high school

b)      High school

c)       University (undergraduate)

Scholarships will be named after individuals who commit to the mentorship of individuals who will receive scholarships in their name.

There will be one exception; there will always be an annual Denise Hunte Scholar in Guyana.

Criteria for Eligibility:

a)      Individuals with sharp minds who lack the resources to develop their talents.

Selection Process:

a)      To be determined by the appointed selection committee.

How you can help:

a)      Note that the Foundation is federally registered and as a result charitable receipts can be provided for donations irrespective of the source province.

b)      Consider the Foundation as part of your annual charitable contributions.

c)       Support the annual golf tournament as a player, promote the tournament to attract players and promote the tournament to attract corporate sponsorships.

d)      Consider lending your name (including mentorship) to the name of a scholarship if you are asked.

e)      Present ideas that can move the foundation forward.

f)       Consider serving on a selection committee.

Contact information:

Esmonde Klass. 45 Casmir Court, Unit 2, Vaughan, Concord, L4K 4H5 Tel: (416) 362-8800 Fax: (416) 362-6577.  http://www.phaseiimotorcar.com

Golf Tournament to help in funding  the Walwyn Klass Foundation:-

Walwyn Klass 1st Annual Charity Golf Classic < click to download

Emerald Hills Golf Course information < click to download

Guyanese-Americans Video

Guyanese-Americans Video < click title to view

On this Episode of World in America, we meet natural-born land-owning, community-building, and life-enjoying Guyanese-Americans.

First, we’ll meet the Singhs, a successful Guyanese-American family who have been one of the first residents of what came to be known as Little Guyana in Queens, New York.

We’ll later taste the diverse Guyanese dishes at the famous Sybil’s and dance to the beats of Steel Band music.

Make sure to tune in, as we’ll witness how Guyanese-Americans add so many flavors and spice not only to their food but to their surroundings as well.