Jamaica Government: Consultant hired For Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp + Video

Jamaica: Ministry of Industry Hires Consultant For Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp

Jamaica’s Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce on Friday (August 14) announced that BOTEC Analysis has been hired as a consultant for the development of regulations to guide Jamaica’s nascent medical marijuana and industrial hemp sectors. At the end of the consultancy, BOTEC Analysis will submit to Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) a final report with regulatory recommendations, which will include, but are not limited to, licensing, market sizing, taxation, and organizational structures.

Over two months, BOTEC Analysis will conduct on-the-ground research and a series of interviews with stakeholders in the Jamaican government as well as marijuana industry participants, local business leaders, scientists, police departments, medical associations, and consumers.  

Researchers will take into account the role of proprietary strains, intellectual property, patented processes, and traditional cultural and religious practices in the development and operation of the industries.

“BOTEC Analysis will also incorporate global best practices and lessons learned from other jurisdictions in the development, administration, and management of medical marijuana and hemp,” the company, which also oversaw implementation of Washington state’s problematic legalization law, announced.

– See more at: http://hemp.org/news/node/5919#sthash.ApXnJxc7.dpuf

LEGALIZE IT by Peter Tosh – Virgin Records 1979

Comments: Lockd010 : 5 months ago
I just heard on the TV that Jamaica has legalized ganja. You are allowed to carry about 60 grams with you and you are also allowed to grow 5 plants on Jamaica. All I want to say is, congratulations Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and all other cannabis fighters. The mission is complete. Greetings from the Netherlands.
True but I rather see it changed into full legalisation, instead of toleration. But you’re right, its still not bad. But they really have to do something about the laws in Holland. Because import to the coffeeshop is illegal, but to sell cannabis that is allowed :/ Full legalisation I say, so all trouble will disappear.
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