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Guyana: The Government’s Medical Expenses Revelations – “Just Awful” – commentary

“Just awful” – Editorial in Stabroek News

If it were not so serious, it would be laughable that it took the intervention of the PPP/C’s campaign spin doctor, former president Bharrat Jagdeo, to offer the people of Guyana a backhanded apology for the shameless medical benefits package for government ministers in the assurance he offered on Tuesday that the practice would be changed. What this says to the average person with even a minuscule bit of common sense is that were it not for the exposé, the unconscionable spending could have gone on indefinitely. [See article links following this entry for details]

Mr Jagdeo’s press conference on Tuesday, following his performance at the PPP’s ‘remembrance’ ceremony/campaign launch on Sunday at Babu John had an aura of ‘fixer-upper-ness’ to it. One assumes that as a high-ranking member of the PPP and a former president Mr Jagdeo would have the ear of President Donald Ramotar. Perhaps he is even sought out for advice, which would make sense given his experience of 12 years in office, though he has never been officially named as an advisor to the President. In fact, the former president had said openly that he had no role in the current government and has been frequently away from the country since he demitted office in 2011, on international climate change forays.   Continue reading