Guyana Elections Results 2020 – Statements Of Poll + GECOM Official Website Links -updated

Guyana Elections Results 2020 – Statements Of Poll (posted outside polling stations)

Official and preliminary General and Regional Elections 2020 results from GECOM will be provided when they become available.

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Preliminary General Election Results-

Preliminary Regional Election Results:

Unlike other Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries, Guyana does not use the “first past the post system in electing its government, relying instead on Proportional Representation. There are 65 seats in the National Assembly’             

The political parties were required to submit three separate lists to contest both the General and Regional elections, with the elections to the National Assembly being drawn from two lists, namely the National Top-Up List and the 10 Geographic Regions Constituency lists.

A total of 40 parliamentary seats can be drawn from the National Top Up list and following the elections, the total number of valid votes cast is divided into 40 and parties are allocated seats according to who has the greatest number of votes.

A total of 25 parliamentary seats can be drawn from the Geographic Constituency lists and the parties allocated seats according to who has the greatest number of votes.

The elections commission said that nine political parties are contesting the general elections, while 11 are participating in the regional poll.

Region Four count to decide Elections results

 Mar 05, 2020  News – By Kemol King

The results for the regional elections have been declared by the returning officers of nine regions, save for Region Four.

Table showing the regional election results for nine regions. Region Four is yet to be included.

These results show that the election has become a two-party race between the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) and A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC). The other parties have recorded mostly dismal performances for the regions in which they contested.       

For those nine regions, the PPP/C has taken a commanding lead. What is now necessary is for APNU+AFC to outperform its 2015 performance in Region Four if it is to overtake the PPP/C. In 2015, the coalition secured 43,000 votes more that the PPPC in Region Four.

Kaieteur News has observed stark differences in these two parties’ performances in certain regions in this year, from their 2015 performances. Some of those regions have also registered considerable turnout increases. Those increases may be attributed to the growth of the Official List of Electors (OLE).

In 2015, the OLE held 570,786 voters. Now, the OLE stands at 661,378. That’s a startling net increase of 90,592 voters.

For nine regions, leaving out Region Four, the PPP/C leads by 51,439 votes. In the regional vote, PPP/C won Region One with a margin of victory of 4,157. In 2015, that margin was 3,565.

PPP/C won Region Two with a margin of victory of 11,459 votes. In 2015, that margin was 8,809.
PPP/C won Region Three with a margin of victory of 24,066 votes. In 2015, that margin was 19,641.
PPP/C won Region Five with a margin of victory of 3,788 votes. In 2015, that margin was 3,270.
PPP/C won Region Six with a margin of victory of 22,870 votes. In 2015, that margin was 17,570.
PPP/C won Region Nine with a margin of victory of 2,239 votes. In 2015, that margin was 2,211.
The PPP/C expanded its margins of victory in all of those regions.

As for APNU+AFC, it won three out of the nine regions. APNU+AFC won Region Seven with a margin of victory of 1,144 votes. In 2015, that margin was 1,560.

APNU+AFC won Region Eight by a margin of victory of 45 votes. In 2015, the margin of victory was one vote.

APNU+AFC won Region Ten by a margin of victory of 15,951 votes. In 2015, that margin was 13,908.

To sum up the nine regions, the PPP/C took an almost decisive margin of victory of 51,439 votes. In 2015, that margin stood at 39,644.

Kaieteur News stresses that the results provided are for the regional election, not the general election.

While the parties’ general and regional elections performances tend to differ, the differences are usually marginal. Hence, these results present a fair idea of how the parties have performed in the general election as well.

Everything now boils down to Region Four, the final and most populous district.

In 2015, APNU+AFC won the regional election for Region Four, with a margin of victory of 42,271 votes.

In such a scenario, were it to maintain that difference this time around, it would not be enough to allow APNU+AFC to overhaul PPPC. The party would need to extend its margin of victory to 51,440 votes in Region Four.

GECOM releases result for Region Four, says APNU+AFC won by 59,077 votes

The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has released to the media, results for Region Four in the General and Regional Elections and if certified would see the incumbent APNU+AFC winning the general elections by around 7,000 votes .

Public Relations Officer Yolanda Ward forwarded without comment images of Statutory Declaration Form 24. The Form shows the incumbent APNU+AFC securing 136,335 votes while the Opposition People’s Progressive Party/Civic has earned 77,258 a difference of 59,077.

Assuming that these results and those for the other nine regions are mirrored at the General Elections the incumbent would have won the elections by in excess of 7,000 votes or one seat.

Notably Ward released the information almost one hour after the Returning Officer for Region 4 Clairmont Mingo was served with an injunction preventing him from declaring results without completing a verification process which has been stalled all day.

It is unclear what the next step in this tumultuous process would be. There has been no word from the GECOM Chair Justice Claudette Singh on the declaration of a result.
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