Woman in Distress

Another post by Guyana-born Rosaliene Bacchus.

Three Worlds One Vision

Bradley Manning at Fort MeadeBradley Manning: Integrity on Trial
Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk


Forgive me. I scrapped three attempts of writing this week’s blog article. They were rants of a woman in distress. You deserve better.

In distress over corporate wealth that renders our government dysfunctional.

In distress over corporate greed, crippling us with debt and destroying our planet.

In distress at the extent and invasiveness of our surveillance state that stretches beyond our borders.

In distress at state governments dominated by conservative males intent on policing the female reproductive system and criminalizing women.

In distress over the racial bias of our judicial system that acquitted an armed vigilante who pursued and killed an innocent and unarmed, seventeen-year-old, black male.

In distress at our lack of compassion for the dispossessed, homeless, hungry, poor, and sick.

I find solace in the knowledge that goodness and integrity exist. I hold on to the hope that our virtue…

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