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Questions abound over mega investments by Bai Shan Lin

Questions abound over mega investments by Bai Shan Lin

May 28, 2013 |  |  …Govt promoting company without full disclosure

The Government is keeping closed, the arrangements it has with Chinese company, Bai Shan Lin, which has announced massive investment plans here.

The company has been granted a forestry concession that amounts to close to one million hectares of rainforest, from which it plans to extract logs and ship them out of Guyana. The company estimates that it will make US$1,800 from each hectare of land, giving it profits totaling US$1.7 billion.

The proposed Bai Shan Lin Mall

In addition, it has been granted permission to dig up a 20-kilometre stretch of river to look for gold.
Other plans include setting up what it is calling a Guyana-China Timber Industry Economic and Trading Corporation Park plus a 400-acre real estate development.

The plans were announced last November by Chu Wenze, the chairman of Bai Shan Lin, at the Second World Congress on Timber and Wood Products Trade in Taicang, China.     Continue reading

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