The World’s Strictest Parents – Barbados – videos

The World’s Strictest Parents – Barbados – videos

This is a series on British TV that features children being sent overseas to experience life in other societies where parents are strict with their children.

In these episodes, two rebellious British teenagers experience strict parenting on the other side of the world, as Nicole Benham and Nathan Ballance travel to Barbados.     

For a week they must live under the strict rules of the Harris family. Dad Kenrick is an IT consultant and mum Andrea is a primary school teacher. They raise their two daughters in the spirit of God’s love and God’s discipline.

The Harrises have prepared a set of rules for the British teens to follow that includes no smoking, no drinking, no swearing, and respect for parents. But on the first night Nathan refuses to hand over his cigarettes and Andrea orders him out of the house until he complies with her rules. Things get worse when the teens bunk off school forcing Kenrick to leave work and search for them.

Over the week the teens are strictly supervised, attend school and go to work. Can Nicole learn not to run away and face up her problems? Can Nathan learn to earn his keep and respect his mother?


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  • P. A. Rhoden  On 09/29/2011 at 3:23 am

    Wonderful, wonderful…….. If only the Caribbean people understand what a asset we have in our life style and with our family lives, children and elders
    it would be so refreshing.

    Caribbean life style is God sent and we should try to send this programme all over the world for teenagers to see what we have to offer in the Caribbean.

    Thank you for making the documentary and I will send this video sent to me by a friend to other persons to share with them

    Someone with love in their heart for Lost Teenager who have no love.
    out of Jamaica.

  • Taajnauth Jadunauth  On 09/29/2011 at 1:50 pm

    This video brought tears to my eyes at age 62. This video shows how stupid the nuveau psychologists and sociologists who advocate for all types of freedom really are.
    Discipline is the foundation of progress and success. No discipline equals chaos. We do not have to carry academic pips on our shoulders to know this.
    T. Jadunauth, Guyana.

  • Savitri Arjun  On 10/03/2011 at 12:42 am

    date Sun, Oct 2, 2011
    subject Re: The World’s Strictest Parents – Barbados – videos. etc

    Thank You! Very interesting clips for our youngsters of today. A bad beginning brings a good ending …right.

  • Maje MJ Davidson  On 03/11/2017 at 2:15 pm

    So proud of these Barbadian parents!

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