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Nostalgia 566 – Saga and Romance of BRICKDAM

Nostalgia 566 – Saga and Romance of BRICKDAM  ….  By: Godfrey Chin at godchin2@gmail.com

Brickdam – the oldest street in the Capital City of Georgetown was formerly a muddy quagmire, difficult to traverse by horse and carriage even though it was built up with debris and cinders, from the too frequent fires of the nineteenth century. It was later covered with ‘bricks’ to make it serviceable during the rainy season – hence its name.  In 1920, it was macadamised for the Royal visit of Edward, Prince of Wales, who attended the Horse Race  Meeting, at Durban Park, and planted a ‘sapodilla tree’ in the Taitt’s Yard  (Murray St) – now Cara Lodge, Quamina. Edward did ascend to the throne but abdicated following his marriage to Mrs Simpson, a Commoner leaving his younger Brother George VI to rule through WWII. Refer 2010 ACADEMY AWARD BEST PICTURE ‘KING’S SPEECH. In British Guiana 1937 that 6 sided three copper three pence was issued but  hurriedly withdrawn from circulation. I still have that coin which was my ‘mother’s gift to me at ‘birth.’ that year.  Continue reading

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Russia’s presidency – the return of Putin

Russia’s presidency

The return of the man who never left

Sep 24th 2011, 12:20 by E.L.

SOME would have you believe it was the biggest question in Russian politics. Would Vladimir Putin, prime minister in 1999-2000, president to 2008 and since then prime minister, come back next year as Russia’s president? If so, the constitution (changed while he was away from the Kremlin) would allow him two consecutive six-year terms, keeping him in power until 2024, by when he will be 71.     Continue reading

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