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Joey Jagan says corruption is evident from top to bottom

Joey Jagan says corruption is evident from top to bottom

October 29, 2011 | By | Filed Under News
–    Believes Ramotar can reverse the trend

Dr Cheddi ‘Joey’ Jagan has joined the alliance of the party his father, Dr Cheddi Jagan, founded because he believes its Presidential Candidate, Donald Ramotar, can reverse corruption and other ills in the country.
Jagan, who admitted to only recently trying to raise funds overseas to manage his own political movement, said he has joined the Civic alliance of the People’s Progress Party (PPP) out of his own desire with no promises to gain anything if the party chalks up its fifth consecutive victory at the polls.
“I am not interested in power. I am more interested in conscience and I feel that I can add to the humility, conscience and incorruptibility which Cheddi Jagan set out as the cornerstone of the PPP/Civic,” he told reporters at the party’s Freedom House headquarters in Georgetown, yesterday.  (October 28, 2011)        Continue reading

Bollywood goes Soca Carnival – video

Bollywood goes Soca – video

This is a video that features Bollywood dancing – in Carnival fashion – to SOCA music that is from hits made popular by “SuperBlue” and “Arrow”, both famous Caribbean Soca Artistes.  The video does not mention this so one presumes that there would be no royalties to be paid.  We live in a world of merging art forms and music genres so this is just another example of that trend … “Don’t Stop the Carnival”.

Guyanese Online Newsletter – October 2011

A panoramic view of the coast of Georgetown taken from the Pegasus Hotel. This is the masthead picture of the October 2011 issue

The Guyanese Online Newsletter – October 2011

Download here: Guyanese Online – October 2011 Newsletter


Here are the contents of this newsletter, covering Elections News, Blog entries, Associations, Guyana Government News, Education, Business, Caribbean and Regional news, Tourism, Arts and Culture and Historical subjects.  There is also a comprehensive list of the 85 new Blog entries for October and the list of the 30 most popular Blog entries for the month.

  1. A panoramic view of the coastline of Georgetown taken from the Pegasus Hotel
  2. Nomination Day…Enthusiastic supporters swarm City Hall
  3. Guyana‘s Elections – Guyana wins – Editorial by Cyril Bryan
  4. October 2011 – 30 Most popular entries
  5. New Blog Entries for October 2011 (Total 84)
  6. Tutorial High School Alumni Reunion
  7. September Rounds Out a Strong Third Quarter – TREB
  8. Heavenly Village Property Management
  9. COFONA continues efforts to ‗revive New Amsterdam
  10. Harlem Landmark Suite Advertising
  11. Guyanese Canadian Cultural Association of B.C. – Annual Fall Dance – Fort Langley Douglas Day Celebrations
  12. Godfrey Chin ―Nostalgias – Golden Memories of Guyana 1940-1980
  13. Berbice Chair Advertisement
  14. Guyanese Association of Manitoba, (GAM) Canada
  16. COCKTAIL DINNER & DANCE – December 16, 2011
  17. Cimbux Cultural Extravaganza – November 19, 2011
  18. Buxton Friendship Express – September 2011
  19. COTAB Buxton Group- Boxing Night Dance
  20. City Hall being deliberately sabotaged – Mayor Green
  21. Amaila Falls Hydro Project…Price tag now at staggering US$835M
  22. EU hopes sugar money can go to modernize industry
  23. 30,000-plus ID cards still to be uplifted – GECOM
  24. Ogle Airport expansion ―96 percent completed
  25. Linden-Lethem Road reopens to all traffic
  26. Youths are 46 percent of eligible voters – GECOM source
  27. Guyana Goldfields signs MOU
  28. Two large ferries purchased for Essequibo service
  29. Guyana cops 16 of 28 CSEC awards
  30. First batch of 5,000 laptops arrive for (OLPF) Contract
  31. India launches $35 computer
  32. St Joseph Mercy Hospital Rebuilding Fund
  33. REDjet boasts of customer satisfaction
  34. LIAT shareholders: airline‘s survival under threat
  35. Destination Guyana- Paul Stevenson, President of THAG
  36. Venezuela says gold repatriation to start soon
  37. Hard times ahead for Caribbean sugar
  38. Former Brazil president Lula diagnosed with cancer
  39. St Lucia – easiest place to do business in CARICOM
  40. Jamaica wins three awards in Tourism at WTA
  41. Holness is Jamaica‘s new Prime Minister
  42. Trinidad: Manning apolgises for mistakes
  43. Trinidad Cabinet approves Inter-island Ferry Service
  44. Haslyn Parris: Electoral Conjectures and Governance in Guyana
  45. THE ARTS JOURNAL – Volume 6 Numbers 1& 2 published
  46. Rihanna Beats Madonna’s Top 10 Chart Record
  47. A man from another time…Aviation pioneer, Victor Fitt, is a special person
  48. The Unseen danger of Diabetes – Ad – Dr. Gregory Wong

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Download here: Guyanese Online – October 2011 Newsletter

Cyril Bryan, Editor and Publisher

Guyanese Canadian Cultural Assoc. of B.C. Canada – Fort Langley’s Douglas Day Celebrations

Guyanese Canadian Cultural Association of B.C.

 Invites you to Fort Langley’s Douglas Day Celebrations

 The Caribbean Comes to British Columbia

at Fort Langley National Historic Site

Presented by Fort Langley Legacy Foundation; Parks Canada and Guyanese Canadian Cultural Association of B.C.

 Saturday, 19 November 2011

12:00 to 15:00 hours

Historic Site Fort Langley at 23433 Mavis Avenue

Douglas Day when Caribbean Comes to British Columbia – Leave the Weather Outside –  Wear colourful clothes – There is a short parade from the Community Centre to the Fort – Tropitonics steelband is playing in an enclosed tent at the Fort, ethnic foods, bring your flags, cultural dancing, re-enactment of the proclamation

Douglas’ mother was from Barbados – BCOCCA is invited participate

 We are soliciting charitable donations for the Fort Langley Legacy Foundation – a charitable tax donation receipt will be issued

The Fort Langley Legacy Foundation – P.O. Box 393, Fort Langley, V1M 2R7. BC. Canada. Attention: Grant Rawstron

Read about British Guiana-born Sir James Douglas, the first Governor of British Columbia, Canada at the following web links:

Celebrating Sir James Douglas   James Douglas Biography   James Douglas of B.C.   Sir James Douglas monument unveiled at Mahaica 

19 November 2011 – Fort Langley’s Douglas Day when The Caribbean Comes to British Columbia

FREE Bus pick up and drop off at 2-locations: 10:15 hours – Depart River Rock, Richmond 11:15 hours – Depart Sears Guildford, Surrey  15:30 hours – Depart Fort Langley for the drop locations.   This is a 48-seat bus – if the demand is high enough we may add another bus.  Confirm seating availability by phoning Sylvia: 604-589-1852

  Reminder: Barbados Association Banquet in the evening

Recent Weblog Posts – October 21 – 27, 2011

Recent Weblog Posts – October 21 – 27, 2011

The following entries have been made over the last week – October 21-27.  Click on the titles to access the articles and videos … Enjoy!

The October Newsletter will be out in a few days.  It has been delayed so that it covers all of October.  The same will be done in November to cover the General and Regional Elections on November 28.

  1. Nomination Day…Enthusiastic supporters swarm City Hall
  2. The PPP will “sink” without me – Nagamootoo
  3. The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World – videos
  4. Nostalgia 576 – Derrick ‘John’ Jeffrey flooded out in Bangkok.
  5. Seven parties submit Lists on Nomination Day
  6. Nagamootoo is a hypocrite – says PPP
  7. Nagamootoo on AFC candidates list
  8. PRE-OCCUPIED – by Ewalt (Waltie) Ainsworth
  9. Guyana: Diwali motorcade attracts thousands
  10. Nic Marks: The Happy Planet Index – video
  11. How economic inequality harms societies – video
  12. St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Restoration Fund – reminder
  13. BHS Alumni – Florida Chapter – Jazz at Sundown – November 6
  14. Guyana Christian Charities (Canada) – Food Fair and Bake Sale
  15. QC Alumni Toronto – Dinner Dance – Saturday October 29,2011 – reminder
  16. Cheddi ‘Joey’ Jagan endorses Ramotar and PPP/C
  17. Justice For All Party joins APNU
  18. Band leader Edmundo Ros dies, 100
  19. Guyanese West Point Graduate Wins Literary Award
  20. Not to debate is not an option – letter by Patrick Barker
  21. Guyana: National Awards List – 2011
  22. Moses Nagamootoo withdraws from PPP/C
  23. Tutorial High Alumni Assoc. (Toronto Chapter) slideshow
  24. Gadhafi’s Death in Perspective
  25. Guyana cops Best Performer, three other awards at CSEC
  26. Jagdeo worried about low voter turnout
  27. Ramotar will not participate in presidential debate – PPP
  28. Guyanese Online – Recent Posts – October 10-20, 2011

Nomination Day…Enthusiastic supporters swarm City Hall

Nomination Day…Enthusiastic supporters swarm City Hall

It is more than official. The last leg of the Guyana’s General and Regional Elections 2011 is off and running. And the winner seems not clear.
It was a day when a sea of colours dominated by the red, black, yellow and green virtually illuminated downtown Georgetown and despite the heavy police presence and barriers, some supporters managed to breach the gates and swamp City Hall, all to the throbbing sounds of music.

When the dust had settled, eight parties on Nomination Day had submitted their lists of candidates, with more questions than answers for the political analysts who would sure be hitting the TV channels and letter pages to place their spin on proceedings.       more

The PPP will “sink” without me – Nagamootoo

The PPP will “sink” without me – Nagamootoo

Demeratra Waves   –  October 27, 2011

Former Peoples’ Progressive Party (PPP) stalwart Moses Nagamootoo say the PPP will “sink” without him.

He made the comment Thursday evening  (October 27), at an Alliance For Change (AFC) rally at Parade Ground following the party’s submission of its Lists of Candidates to GECOM officials.

Moses Nagamootoo on AFC Platform

“A true son stands up to wrong in a house and I had decided that I was no longer be a part of this defecated place that they it  had turned into almost – I would not mention what house.

And for me it was well and okay if I were on that ship playing a role on the PPP ship, I might have saved it, but since they decided they would throw me out then the ship will sink,” Nagamootoo declared to loud cheers from the hundreds who gathered for the rally.            more

The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

Psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist describes the real differences between the left and right halves of the human brain. It’s not simply “emotion on the right, reason on the left,” but something far more complex and interesting.   – A Best of the Web talk illustrated by RSA Animate.

Renowned psychiatrist and writer Iain McGilchrist explains how the ‘divided brain’ has profoundly altered human behaviour, culture and society.  See the actual long version of this presentation here in full:

 The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World:

Nostalgia 576 – Derrick ‘John’ Jeffrey flooded out in Bangkok.

Nostalgia 576 –Ya think it easy – Derrick ‘John’ Jeffrey flooded out in Bangkok.

Introduction by Godfrey Chin 

Nostalgia 576 –Ya think it easy – Derrick ‘John’ Jeffrey flooded out in Bangkok.

The attached is Derrick’s personal account of his ‘calamity in Bangkok’ where this Guyanese has been living for several years – making a difference as we ‘Guyanese do, wherever we ‘settle’.

Derrick has introduced ‘pan in Thai and his innovations in several altruistic ventures has been nationally recognized. In British Guiana he was instrumental in introducing ‘Pan in Schools – serving under Lynette Dolphin at the National Arts Council – supported local talent and artistes such as Annie Haynes and Lady Guymine and had many popular costume entries in the Guyana Festival of the early sixties.           Continue reading

Seven parties submit Lists on Nomination Day

Seven parties submit Lists on Nomination Day

Demerara Waves – October 27, 2011

Seven political parties submitted their Lists of Candidates on Nomination Day, Thursday as required to contest the November 28 General and Regional Elections with only that of the incumbent People’s Progressive Party/Civic being in order.

Some 32 parties had initially shown interest in contesting the elections and GECOM last week said they expected the number to drop to around 11.

The others submitting were the opposition coalition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU); Alliance For Change (AFC); The United Force (TUF); Horizon and Star; East Berbice Development Association (EBDA), and the Fundamental Structure Group (FSG).    more

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