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Melting ice is Earth’s warning signal – and we cannot ignore it

Melting ice is Earth’s warning signal – and we cannot ignore it

From the Himalayas to the Arctic, the signs of danger are visible

– The Observer, Sunday 25 September 2011Arctic, Greeland

‘Ice is at the cold heart of all our deepest global warming fears.’ Photograph: Nick Cobbing/Greenpeace

Ice is the white flag being waved by our planet, under fire from the atmospheric attack being mounted by humanity. From the frosted plains of the Arctic ice pack to the cool blue caverns of the mountain glaciers, the dripping away of frozen water is the most crystal clear of all the Earth’s warning signals.

It relies on neither the painstaking compiling of temperature records back through history nor the devilish complexity of predicting the future with supercomputers. Ice on Earth is simply and unambiguously disappearing. Last week saw the annual summer minimum of the Arctic ice cap, which has now shrunk to the lowest level satellites have ever recorded. The ice at the roof of the human world is faring little better: mountain glaciers are diminishing at accelerating and historic ratesContinue reading

Emmanuel Kelly The X Factor 2011 Audition – videos

Emmanuel Kelly The X Factor 2011 Auditions

Emmanuel Kelly FULL including judges comments – Sings, Imagine from John Lennon.

Book: MY LIFE, MY TIME – by Richard Nichols

Book: MY LIFE, MY TIME – by Richard Nichols

Review by Rura.

An arresting event has graced  the literary world of Guyana.  At the tender age of ninety-one Mr Richard Nichols, published or rather self-published and printed his autobiography, MY LIFE, MY TIME.  It was done in handwriting in a number of notebooks. As he acknowledges, his versatile offspring  with their computer skills took it from there. His locality roots are in the same part of the country as  those  of  “ The World’s Oldest Blogger” Mr Randall Butisingh. Unlike that eminence he had no previous  formal training in writing or teaching literature. The blogger is native of Buxton. The auto biographer is a native of Bachelors’ Adventure, a stone’s throw from Buxton on East  Coast Demerara.

It  is a  book of one hundred and four pages, with 10 pages of  family photographs,  a maternal and a paternal family tree, made by the author. On the front cover is a photograph of the author much as he looks at the time of publication, or at  present. On the back cover is one of him in his working days;  a confident  elder on the front cover and a curious, uncertain worker on the back cover. The book is very reader friendly, with its forty-two short chapters, each captioned with its topic. Even the chapters in which he  tells of his conversion, of meeting  his exceptional wife, Drucilla Pyle in a Pentecostal church community, and celebrates the heaven of their  marriage are kept short.   Continue reading

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