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Video – Usain Bolt Wins 200m at 2011 World Championships

MEN’S  – 200 m FINAL
03 September 2011 – 21:20
Wind: 0.8 m/s
Position Lane Bib Athlete Country Mark React
1 3 588 Usain Bolt  JAM 19.40 (WL) 0.193
2 4 1073 Walter Dix  USA 19.70 (SB) 0.161
3 6 413 Christophe Lemaitre  FRA 19.80 (NR) 0.160
4 8 801 Jaysuma Saidy Ndure  NOR 19.95 (SB) 0.164
5 5 585 Nickel Ashmeade  JAM 20.29 0.136
6 2 198 Bruno de Barros  BRA 20.31 0.158
7 1 1015 Rondel Sorrillo  TRI 20.34 0.122
7 813 Alonso Edward  PAN DNF 0.188

Smart meters – a little too smart

Smart meters – a little too smart

Smart meters that read electric power usage in the home are now being installed in many cities in the USA and Canada.  Their usage is spreading worldwide, so many other countries will be adopting them.

These meters are more than just measuring devices for accessing power usage. They utilize RF frequencies to transmit and collect data of every aspect of your home, and as equipment will eventually come with special chips, it means that they are surveillance and monitoring systems that you will be allowing in your home.

You can refuse to have these meters installed in your home but you have to specifically request that they must not be installed on your property.

Use the letter below to forbid smart meter installation (or modify the letter to demand the meter be removed).

Letter to forbid smart meter installation

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