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Guyanese Online Newsletter – September 2011


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This is the latest edition (#19) of the Guyanese Online Newsletter.

This newsletter has 16 pages and contains 46 articles which include the advertising of events by various Associations.

Inside this Issue

Page 1 – Banner: New York City skyline with video:  Never Forget 9-11-2001 Poster from GCA New York:  New US Ambassador to Guyana remembers 9-11.

Page 2 – Editorial on Guyana’s Elections by Cyril Bryan; Top 20 Blog Entries.

Page 3 – Weblog Entries for August (60); Top 30 Blog Entries for August 2011.

Page 4 – St. Stanislaus Alumni Toronto Dinner Dance –October 15; Come Back To Guyana Trip Advertisement; A5 Travel and Tours Advertisement with Royal Caribbean News Article on refunds for bad weather.

Page 5 – Q.C. Alumni  Toronto Dinner Dance – October 29,2011; Guyana Christian Charities – Annual Food Fair- October 30, 2011; Five reasons why a Professional Business Place is Important with CAMDEC Real Estate advertisement.

Page 6 – West Indian American Labor Day Parade – Brooklyn NY; Harlem Landmark Area Parlor Suite for rent – Guyanese hospitality.

Page 7 – Guyanese Association of Manitoba Bus tour to the Beach; Guyana Medical Relief 27th Annual Dinner-Dance Los Angeles – October 8, 2011; The Council of Friends of New Amsterdam Inaugural Mayoral Ball in Queens Village NY – October 8, 2011.

Page 8 – Commentary – “Nothing to Negotiate” re the Guyana- Venezuela border.

Page 9 – President Jagdeo says “Farewell” at Providence Stadium celebrations;  New US Ambassador to Guyana arrives; Guyanese economy records growth in first half of 2011.

Page 10 – GuyExpo 2011 launched; Canadian gold exploration company begins Potaro Lidar Study; Commercial sector adopting a culture of Electricity theft –GPL.

Page 11 – Education Officer addresses situation of teachers attending U.G.; Chinese firm Haier wins One Computer Per Family (OLPF) contract; IDB funding feasibility study of Linden-Lethem road.

Page 12 – REDjet call for true “Open Skies” in the Caribbean; Cuba travel set to take off as flight options expand; Carnival strikes visitor deal with Jamaica.

Page 13 – REDjet expanding Caribbean routes; China pledges billion dollar loan to Caribbean; Barbados gets poor work ethic rating;  Violent crime threatens Caribbean development – UN.

Page 14 – Shell discovers oil off French Guiana coast; Trinidad Curfew-“We will win war”;  Columbian drug gang bloodbath averted, says T&T Government; Caribbean countries get high ranking in FDI Report.

Page 15 – An evening with Ray Luck in Poinciana Florida- October 1, 2011; McWatt double winner at Guyana Prize for Literature Awards; The Arts Journal; “Guyana Legends” – Folk Tales of the Indigenous Amerindians by: Dr. Odeen Ishmael.

Page 16 – Libel, WikiLeaks, context and political culture in Guyana by Nigel Westmaas;  CIMBUX – Cultural Extravaganza, Silver Spring Maryland – November 19, 2011.

We do hope you find this publication interesting.

Read/Download > Guyanese Online Newsletter – September 2011

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Cyril Bryan, Editor and Publisher

E-mail: guyaneseonline@gmail.com or cybryan@gmail.com

Jagdeo-Kissoon Libel Case – Diplomatic nominees

Jagdeo-Kissoon Libel Case  – Diplomatic nominees

By Denis Scott Chabrol – (Demerara Waves) 20-September-2011

Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon on Tuesday said he was unaware of the yard-stick being used to select nominees for Guyanese envoys abroad and he admitted that several named ambassadors do not have any diplomatic experience.

The revelations were made when he was cross-examined by Defence Attorney, Nigel Hughes in High Court libel case between President Bharrat Jagdeo and newspaper columnist, Freddie Kissoon.

The lawyer set out to justify Kissoon’s assertion in one of his Kaieteur News newspaper columns that Jagdeo is an ideological racist, a description that prompted Jagdeo to seek GUY$10 million in damages for libel.  The defence on Tuesday sought to prove that the sale of land and state property, ambassadorial appointments and the provision of sports facilities discriminated against African Guyanese.   more


Kissoon’s references to King Kong didn’t specifically point to anyone- Luncheon

The Dalai Lama comments on ‘Humanity’

A question was posed to Dalai Lama:

“What is the thing about HUMANITY that surprises you the most?”

His answer was as follows:
“Man” – Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.
Then he sacrifices his money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn’t enjoy the present, And as a result he doesn’t live in the present or the future.

And he lives as if he’s never going to die, and then he dies having never really lived.”


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