Yes, it’s doubly hot in Toronto this year. After two consecutive years of wet and cold summers in the Greater Toronto Area (during which years I never watered my lawn and yet it continued to be lush and green through to the normally blisteringly hot month of August), the hot (and humid) weather has finally returned to the GTA.  I almost said that it’s like being back in Guyana, but I don’t remember it ever being as humid since there was always the cooling effect of the constant North-east trade winds blowing.  I can remember struggling on my bicycle to make it up the final hill on Camp St. at the Sea-wall, struggling not only to get up the steep hill (which no longer exists – they’ve flattened it out!) but fighting against the prevailing winds from off the sea!

That first “hot” is real and physical, but the second “hot” in Toronto is metaphorical in nature.  It’s CARIBANA time in Toronto, which means that there are two big “hot” Guyanese events to look forward to.


The first is the Saints’ annual CARIBJAM blow-out which takes place on Friday 30 July from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. at the Thornhill Community Centre.  Yes, it’s going to be a real “hot” event this year as, for the first time in 3 years, we will be providing a live band for your jump-up!  We have secured the services of the leading Trinidadian band, Roy Cape All Stars, with support from DJ Paul Sound Machine, and you will have a great time for only $40 (Can.) per person.  It’s just over 2 weeks to go, and the tickets are selling fast now.  Don’t be disappointed as at our Spring Dance when we had a rush for about 50 more tickets during the week preceding the dance and after we had sold out all the tickets!  We still have a few left (the hall holds 550), so reserve your tickets NOW by contacting any member of the Executive.


The second big event is the 15th. anniversary of the Last Lap Lime which takes place on Monday 2 August from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Woodbridge Fairgrounds in North-west GTA.  This year, in addition to the great Guyanese food and drink available for your purchase, we have added more and varied entertainment for both the young and old (or should that be for all those who are now or still young-at-heart?).  While parking is available at the grounds for only a “Toonie” ($2), we have only 1,000 spaces available but expect 6,000+ attendees, most of whom usually arrive in the early afternoon.  Therefore, we ask you to car-pool wherever possible as, if you are forced to park outside in the neighbourhood, you will probably have to pay $10 – $20, depending on how much the owners of those parking lots want to rip you off!  The price of a ticket is $25 (Can) per person on the day of the event (if any are still available), but we don’t want you to pay that.  Purchase your tickets BEFORE the event from any member of the Saints’ Executive and you will pay only $15 (Can) per person.


We look forward to seeing you at these events.  Thank you for supporting us in these efforts to improve the education of the children in Guyana.

Bunty Phillips
Immediate Past President
St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto

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