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Conflicts in the “One Laptop Per Family” project

Conflicts in the “One Laptop Per Family” project

The “One Laptop Per Family” (OLPF), project has been in the news for a few months. This video, made in mid-March by Capital News, outlines some of the conflicts relating to this project. Many readers may not be aware of OLPF details, so we will attempt to give some simple answers here:

1.  OLPF was conceived and managed by the Office of the President (OP).  It was intended that over three years, 90,000 laptops would be given to families.  The Government was accused of using the project for electioneering.

2. Jud Lohmeyer, a former US Peace Volunteer in Guyana, was given the job of co-coordinating the plans for the implementation of the project.   Funding was expected to come from the Norway environmental grants that were expected last year but which were delayed.

3.  Mr. Lohmeyer says that all his plans were scrapped when it was decided to give the project to a US based company.  He resigned in mid-November 2010, and asked to be paid the salary due, based on his contract.  His request was refused, and Mr. Lohmeyer went public with various negative revelations regarding the project. The government has accused Mr. Lohmeyer of black-mailing them.  He has said that all he wanted was his money.

Recently, Jud Lohmeyer made some more comments on the political situation in Guyana,  as he sees it ….  here is the link : Consultant lashes out at Guyana Government.

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