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Chapter 5: Immigrants – And then there was TV! – By Geoff Burrowes

– By Geoff Burrowes – Short Stories

Shortly after moving into our new apartment in Toronto Canada, Norma’s Dad changed our lives.

In Guyana at that time there was no TV. We got our news and entertainment from the radio or boombox! The radio stations, ZFY, which became Radio Demerara and the new startup GBS were state of the art, professionally run radio stations that gave Georgetown news, soap operas, a wide range of music and opinions from erudite, knowledgeable people. Olga Lopes Seale, Rafiq Khan, Ulric Gouveia, Cliff Leeming and the Ovaltinees, Randolf Proffit, Claude Vieira, Vic Insanally, Hugh Cholmondely, Ron Robinson, Vivian Lee and Lenny Hares of “Crabfoot and Lightning” fame were some of the names I can remember now.    Continue reading

History of Radio in British Guiana

This entry was inserted on March 29, 2010. Some new readers may not have seen it so we have re-blogged it. It will surely bring back memories.

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The Ovaltine Show was a show for the little people. In this picture, the real stars are in the front row. Can you identify them?

Behind them – left to right – are Rafiq Khan (Program Director), M. R. Lam (Agent for Ovaltine), Unidentified Person,  Olga Lopes-Seale (Announcer) and E. R. Burrowes (Quiz Master).


Radio broadcasts were started in Guyana (then British Guiana) in the 1920s by a number of enthusiasts. In 1926, just 4 years after the British Broadcasting Company (later the British Broadcasting Corporation) started regular broadcasting in Britain, there was a small wired service that relayed broadcasts, especially from the BBC’s Daventry transmitter, over the Georgetown telephone system. From 1927, however, experimental short wave broadcasts (on 47 meters and later on 43.86 meters) were introduced for two hours a week. This lasted until 1931 when economic considerations brought the effort…

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ODD ODYSSEY – by Ron Persaud


The whole plot of this story germinated around the fact that there were two radio stations in B.G. before ZFY. They were coded VP3BG and VP3MR. The two EMF signals that Dlandor picked up were the broadcast signals from them. The idea of an alien slowly distilled after an incident in a City Park. I was spraying a weed killer and used a dye to track where I sprayed; The product got on my hands and colored them. A kid in the play ground exclaimed “Look mom! His hands are green!” I carefully calibrated the situation before explaining, “That’s because I am an alien; I’m from another planet!” His eyes opened wide…and his mother – thankfully – enjoyed the whole thing. And now you know the whole story.

Most of the rest is as accurate as I can recall from my one-year stint as a teacher in the South Rupununi. As an aside, one month was spent at Sand Creek School where Ms. Stephanie Correia AA, was interim headteacher. She was the daughter of Stephen Campbell, Guyana’s first Amerindian Legislator; and I have been a better person because of that.
Cheers to everyone… (Ron Persaud). Continue reading