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YARROW at YULETIDE – by Waltie Ainsworth


(see the definition of YARROW at the end of this article)

By Ewalt ‘Waltie’ Ainsworth                   12 17 2011

Talk fuh sun and talk fuh rain, Christmas time is much more than  the feast, the conkie, the souse, the float,  the cake, the pepperpot, the garlic pork, the shine rice, the guava cheese and oil down.  It is also a time to sit together, compare notes, plant a seed,  rearrange your thoughts, take stock and take care of each other;  love your neighbor as you love yourself.  It is pointless putting it off till next year Christmas.  Now is the time.

The new currency is diversity and plurality and to  reach out to your neighbor in spite of how difficult it may seem, brings a certain calm, a certain grace rather than the constant bark and yarrow that we think is normal and acceptable in the 592 republic.  The barrel come, share the contents.  Take what is yours and free up what is not yours.  And you will not have to yarrow anytime soon; not now, not later.    Continue reading

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