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Back to School: A Tribute to Our Past GT Teachers

Back to School: A Tribute to Our Past GT Teachers

By: Lear Matthews

As another school year commences and we celebrate World Teachers Day on October 5th, memories of our own school days emerge. Drawing from this years’ UN slogan: “Take a stand for Teachers”, our readers were asked to reminisce about former teachers in the home country.  Some Guyanese responses are presented below and we invite others to “reach back”.

CW:  Ms. Doris Williams, who taught me at Dolphin Government School, delivered her lessons with profound passion, an attribute which was passed on to her students.  She influenced my life in that if I am “bright”, she is the person most responsible person for that brilliance and because of her I have carried myself in a professional manner throughout my life.  I still remember and think about her from time to time.  In High School, it was Mr. Knights.   Continue reading

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