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Music: HOW SONGS ARRIVE – by Dave Martins + 4 Videos

Dave Martins

HOW SONGS ARRIVE – by Dave Martins- Credits Stabroek News,

Over my 50-plus years in the business of popular music, I cannot count the times I have heard the question, “How do you come up with these songs? What’s the secret?” I heard it again, this week and, as before, the answer is that there is no formula involved, at least in my case, that I can pass on. I have mentioned some of the triggers in previous columns, but the short answer, overall, is that the source of songs is literally everything and anything.

Experiences you have, a lovely phrase you read or hear some place, an incident in the news, a love affair, a goodbye, the passing of someone, a joke (yes a joke; Ken Corsbie told me a joke after a show in Barbados in a gaff and that led to me writing “Cricket in the Jungle” see Video below); or some perception that gradually comes to you out of the blue, or bang, like a gunshot.     Continue reading

UNDERSTANDING MEN – By Dave Martins + 5 music videos

Understanding men  – By 

Dave Martins

It goes back to my youthful West Dem days in the 1950s: with no TV or CDs or Facebook, I found laughter in behaviours around me, in characters I’ve mentioned before, such as ‘Four Foot’ and ‘Big Os’, and the shopkeeper Tony Vieira at my aunts’ shop at Hague Front. With that background, it was a natural segue for me into humourous songs – ‘I Want to be a Puppy’; ‘It’s Traditional’; ‘You Can’t Get’; ‘Women in Love’; ‘Copycats’; ‘Postpone’, etc – and, from that, into learning the value of humour in coping with life’s trials.      Continue reading

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