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GUYANA: Use LNG ISO tank containers. Exxon’s gas-to-shore pipeline is the costlier option – PNCR

PNCR’s Gary Best

“Another PPP white elephant like the Skeldon Sugar factory, the fibre optic cable project, and more recently, Enmore Packaging Plant”.

Citing reckless usage of taxpayers’ dollars by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government in the past, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) is calling for an urgent review of the proposed pipeline, to transport natural gas discovered off the coast of Guyana to the Wales Development Zone, West Bank Demerara (WBD) in the administration’s highly touted Gas to Energy Project.

During a press conference hosted by the Party on Tuesday, PNCR member Gary Best said, it has become clear that the government intends to stubbornly forge ahead, ignoring the several red flags raised by independent analysts and technical experts with regard to the project’s costs, design, and viability.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Natural Gas from Exxon barely enough for new power plant — Brassington

Feb 22, 2022 Kaieteur News — By Gary Eleazar

Winston Brassington

…  fertilizer, ammonia, other value added gas products now unlikely

Government last year, as part of plans to generate electricity in Guyana, using natural gas coming from the Stabroek Block invited Request for Proposals inviting joint participation in a Public Private Partnership arrangement for the construction of a new 300 megawatt power plant along with other factories, aimed at fully utilising the resource to be had through the development of fertilisers and other hydrocarbon byproducts.

The gas to be had from the Stabroek Block however, is barely enough to be used at the gas fired power plant with the remainder being able to go towards the production of about 3,700 barrels of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) used for cooking.

Stark revelation at Energy Conference and Expo                Continue reading

GUYANA: Ashni Singh, Winston Brassington must face Magistrate – CJ ruling

— Misconduct in Public Office charges …

Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh.

Former NICIL head, Winston Brassington.

Nov 27, 2020 – Kaieteur News – Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George-Wiltshire has dismissed the challenge by recently re-appointed Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, and new head of the Government’s gas-to-shore project, Winston Brassington, over the misconduct in public office charges, which was brought against them by the Special Organized Crime Unit (SOCU).

In the decision, which was delivered at the High Court on Wednesday, the Chief Justice essentially ruled that Singh and Brassington must return to the Magistrate Court and face the charges.      Continue reading

Guyana – The truth means nothing to the politician – By Adam Harris

The truth means nothing to the politician

Adam Harris

Adam Harris

Opinion - commentary -analysisI am convinced that politics is about deception. It is about making one group of people look good and at the same time, criticizing the other. But in doing so the politicians give credence to the adage that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

When the coalition government came into office it did so on the back of a lot of promises. It has been able to keep some of these promises, but others have proven difficult. The result of the failure has led to rampant criticisms.
One of the promises was transparency. The government had promised to make available the numerous contracts signed by the previous government. However, the nation has suddenly found that it cannot be made privy to the Marriott contract. That is something that I cannot understand.           Continue reading

Sithe Global pulls out of Amaila Falls Hydro project

Amaila Hydro project…Sithe Global’s future input in doubt

AUGUST 10, 2013 | KNEWS      –    Company reportedly pulls out

President of Sithe Global, Brian Kubeck, yesterday maintained that “a public-private partnership of this magnitude requires a national consensus in order for us to proceed further.” Several hours later there were unconfirmed reports that Sithe Global had pulled out of the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project, but there was    [Read more]

US company pulls out of Amaila Falls hydro project- Brassington

Demerara Waves    – August 9, 2013.        Two days after Guyana’s National Assembly failed to reach consensus on key-related legislative arrangements to support the more than US$800 million Amaila Falls Hydropower Project, a key American investor has pulled out.    Continue reading

Guyana and Brazil discuss joint large-scale infrastructural projects – video

Guyana and Brazil a step closer to realising several joint large-scale infrastructural projects

Guyana and Brazil are a step closer to realising several joint large-scale infrastructural projects. This was revealed as a two day technical meeting between the sides concluded on Thursday. The Brazilian team included representatives of its energy, finance and investment sectors.

On Wednesday February 20, Finance Minister, Ashni Singh said, there are numerous areas of co-operation and the meeting formed part of the formal negotiations between the two sides.   Continue reading

Government: more money to collect in the sale of Guyana Stores

Guyana Government claims it still has more money to collect in the sale of Guyana Stores

Capitol News- January 16, 2013 – All the proceeds from the sale of Guyana Stores Ltd have not been received by the Government of Guyana after the deal signed over 12 years ago. This is according to Head of the Privatization Unit, Winston Brassington.     Continue reading

AFC would support NICIL’s liquidation – Ramjattan

AFC would support NICIL’s liquidation – Ramjattan

May 16, 2012 – Demerara Waves

The Alliance For Change (AFC) says it would support the liquidation of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) should it operations be found to be unconstitutional.

This was relayed by AFC Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan at a news briefing on Wednesday the same day that a newspaper article reported the APNU’s Carl Greenidge as saying that that was an option if efforts to rectify the situation with the state holding company NICIL fail.

“I would call for a liquidation of the company and then a literal extinguishment if I may say so … bringing its activities to an end after it would have been liquidated and so it will not form part of our financial infrastructure anymore, it’s being abused,” Ramjattan said.      Continue reading

NICIL monies belong to NICIL – Brassington

NICIL monies belong to NICIL

MAY 14, 2012 | BY  |

… transfer to treasury done at the discretion of the Directors – Brassington  

Executive Director of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), Winston Brassington, appeared on the State-owned National Communications Network (NCN) last evening and declared that the monies in NICIL accounts belong to NICIL.

Brassington was at the time being interviewed by former beauty queen, Olive Gopaul, who was told that while there is no obligation placed on NICIL by the Constitution of Guyana to have its monies turned over to the Consolidated Fund; it is done at the discretion of NICIL’s directors.

The Directors at NICIL at present include Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, Dr Roger Luncheon and Marcia Nadir-Sharma.  Continue reading

NICIL money invested in undisclosed projects

NICIL money invested in undisclosed projects

May 13, 2012 | By By Gary Eleazar

 …only US$3.5M  remains in the coffers – Brassington

Head of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Winston Brassington, has revealed that its accounts hold some $700M and not $50B as touted in some quarters.

The $700M however, represents only that which is in NICIL accounts as a singular entity and would only include proceeds from the Privatization Unit.
The Privatization Unit according to Brassington falls under NICIL accounts given that it is not an independent legal entity but rather, an arm or agent of NICIL.     He said that the $700M referred to as reflected in NICIL accounts, does not reflect the accounts of any of the subsidiaries of NICIL.

The Subsidiary Companies that NICIL controls include The Guyana National Newspapers Limited, publishers of the Chronicle, NCN, GUYOIL, National Edible Oil Company, Guyana National Printers Limited, Linden Electricity Company, and Guyana National Shipping Corporation. It has shares in several other companies including Guyana Stockfeeds Limited and more recently, Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company and the Pegasus.   Continue reading

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