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Guyana: Celebrating Guyanese Icons from New Amsterdam – By Valerie Coddett

Celebrating Guyanese Icons from New Amsterdam


By Valerie Coddett

Who is Valerie Coddett?

Some eight years ago I shared the 1952 and 1954 British Guiana music festival results on F-Book with a group of Guyanese friends/acquaintances who insisted I record the event. I was born in Bread Street, New Amsterdam (renamed Charles Place after Sir Charles Woolley, a former British Governor). The first seventeen years of my life were spent there. Having emigrated to the United States some fifty years ago, I am now attempting to portray my impressions of the New Amsterdam I knew. It is my hope that in sharing these stories, they will provide not only an Afrocentric view of New Amsterdam but a Truth-centric one as well. I have included other stellar personalities the soil has produced.    Continue reading

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