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RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR: G7 face battle for unity as cost of Ukraine war mounts

— By James Landale Diplomatic correspondent – BBC NEWS

The Russian war against Ukraine will inevitably dominate the summit of G7 nations in Bavaria.

And the leaders of the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan face a difficult challenge.

They are aiming to put on a show of unity and resolve over the war. In recent months, the Western alliance has shown signs of strain and fatigue.

Some voices – particularly in France, Germany and Italy – have asked if it might not be better for the war to end, even if it came at the cost of Ukraine having to cede territory. A recent cross-Europe opinion poll suggested some voters put solving the cost-of-living crisis ahead of punishing Russia.        Continue reading

UKRAINE: Hardship Tour – Lucian K. Truscott IV

 By: Lucian K. Truscott IV

There is a wonderful story in the New Yorker that you should definitely read: “How Ukrainians Saved Their Capital.”  By Luke Mogelson, it’s about the weeks he spent embedded with a battalion of volunteer medics called the Hospitallers in and around Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine.  It’s an amazing story.  The writing has the flat, matter of fact aspect of good war reporting – just the facts with little if any embellishment.  What descriptive flourishes there are emerge organically from individual scenes of the aftermath of shelling among the wounded and the dead. 

At one point early in the war, Mogelson is with a team of medics who have set up a “stabilization point” near an abandoned maternity hospital in the northern suburbs of Kyiv, which have been under heavy attack from Russian forces that arrived in the famed 40-mile convoy that had attempted to overrun Kyiv.  Ukrainian artillery and ambush patrols had held off the Russians, but the fighting was heavy.  Mogelson spent three days with the medics from the Hospitallers as they treated civilians and soldiers who had been wounded in the fighting.            Continue reading

EUROPE: Putin Doesn’t Have An Endgame for Ukraine- But We Do – Opinion

By: Lucian K. Truscott IV

When orders over 150,000 troops and tanks and howitzers and missile launchers to cross another country’s borders and attack its capital and other major cities and kill its civilian citizenry after accusing them of being “Nazis” and committing “genocide”, the question quickly becomes, where is this madman going to stop?

Hitler wasn’t satisfied when he took Austria in 1938. He wasn’t satisfied when he demanded and got the Sudetenland a few months later. He didn’t stop when he took Poland in 1939. What will satisfy the angry, resentful, aggrieved “president” of Russia? Where will he stop? What is his endgame, to use the modern word?                Continue reading

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