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Commentary: Guyana: The Hinterland – By Dave Martins

I have to declare that in the midst of all the high-tech life we’re enmeshed in these days, right in the very heart of it, like sitting in an airport lounge in North America recently, my mind, seemingly on its own, will take charge of me, like a tap on the shoulder, and send me back to some crystal clear memory (I’ve mentioned some of them before) that  ends up slowing me for a few minutes, literally not moving, reliving what once was, photographs of life in some reservoir somewhere, some of them very old, but all of them crystal clear and sometimes suggesting music.

One of them goes back to the time when the Martins family lived at Vreed-en-Hoop (I was going to school at Saints on a scholarship) and we would spend a good portion of the August school break at my father’s farm in the Pomeroon, about two miles downriver from Charity.        Continue reading

Guyana’s Waterways – By Dave Martins

Guyana’s Waterways – By Dave Martins

Dave Martins

Stabroek News – Sunday 27 Jan 2019

Growing up in Guyana, or coming here to live, our waterways are part of your life. For me, growing up in West Demerara at Hague, in a house by the seaside, it was the rowdy Atlantic, a hundred yards away, and the long straight canal running from the village road, straight as an arrow, about a mile, past the train line, all the way to Hague Backdam where farmers planted rice and kept cattle.

Later, as we moved to live at Vreed-en-Hoop, travelling daily to school in town, it was the Demerara River, with the government ferry boats – Querriman; Lady Northcote; and the small, appropriately named, Hassar – where we would watch the few small cars on deck, with wooden chocks holding them in place. Surely they would be pitched into the sea when the Hassar rolled – and roll it did, but the chocks held.      Continue reading

Modern waterfront recreational areas projects nearer fruition

Modern waterfront recreational areas projects nearer fruition

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure is in the process of assessing environmental, social and economic impacts as it prepares to commence the creation, restoration and modernisation of several waterfront recreational areas.

Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI), Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson said after identifying and addressing those issues, the Ministry will tender for the projects and work is expected to start immediately after.      Continue reading

Pictures of Georgetown Guyana – featuring the Stabroek Market area

Pictures of Georgetown Guyana – featuring the Stabroek Market area
The Stabroek market area is easily the busiest such place in the city of Georgetown, always bustling with people and activity and also a central hub for taxis and minibuses and also for ferries that transport people and goods from all towns and villages along the Demerara river.
We took our camera to the top of the Stabroek Market clock tower to get a look at the town from a semi bird’s-eye perspective. Photos By Alva Solomon.

A view of the Stabroek Market and its famous clock on a Saturday afternoon...

A View of the Stabroek Market and its famous clock on a sunny afternoon…