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MUSIC: Jamaica: “Miss Pat” – Recording and Promoting Reggae Music since the 1950’s – Video

MUSIC: Jamaica “Miss Pat” – Promoting Reggae Music since the 1950’s

Miss Pat is a Jamaican of Chinese and Indian heritage who promoted and created reggae music in Randy’s Record Mart and Randy’s Studio 17 in Jamaica. The 50’s and 60’s were exciting times she says as the new music form was born to reflect the lives of the people of Jamaica.

After about 20 years in Jamaica creating and selling reggae music, she and her husband Vincent “Randy” Chin moved to New York City, in 1977. There they opened a new store namely VP Records, in Jamaica. Queens. Adjusting to a new culture, while building a business was difficult, but they survived. VP Records is now the largest independent reggae music label in the world. VP Records now has a catalog of over 25,000 recordings from hundreds of worldwide artists.

“Spirit of the Caribbean” festival celebrates culture in New York

August 9, 2019 / Caribbean Life News – BY TANGERINE CLARKE
Photo by Tangerine Clarke: Guyanese Verna Walcott – Impressions Dance Theater performing a Masquerade Fusion dance.
The “Spirit of the Caribbean” was certainly felt by scores of nationals and friends, who crammed the front lawn of the Jamaica Performance Center on Saturday, Aug. 3, to get a taste of culture and entertainment on a beautiful summer’s afternoon.

Presented by the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL) and VP Records, the 2nd annual festival, collaborated with Caribbean consulates to celebrate Caribbean nations, while sharing the beauty, food, arts and craft, and tourism opportunities with the world.    Continue reading

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