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Violence in America: At least 12 killed at California bar shooting – Commentary by Hubert Williams

Thousand Oaks: At least 12 killed at California bar shooting – BBC News

Sergeant Ron Helus (killed)

Twelve people, including a police officer, have been killed by a gunman at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California.

The shooting began at 23:20 local time on Wednesday about 40 miles (65km) north-west of Los Angeles, police say.

At least 200 people were reportedly inside the Borderline Bar and Grill, which was hosting a university student night, at the time of the attack.

Police have named the suspect as 28-year-old Ian David Long, who had suspected mental health issues.  Officials believe the US Marine Corps veteran and local resident took his own life inside the bar.



—  Commentary by Hubert Williams below   —-

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