Guyana Politics: CHARRANDASS – Henry Jeffrey’s Hero


The Coalition allows Charrandass Persaud to be painted a s folk hero.

It would be easy to  tell Henry Jeffrey to STFU …

..but it would be better to highlight his duplicity in his mistitled  letter, that reads more like a prostitute posting his/her vital statistics and repertoire of unconventional performance in the Sleazy Section of the  local Wanted Ads, in an obvious overture to claim political heft.

As always, Jeffery makes it hard not make an analysis personal since he tends to project himself into the story.

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Guyana Women’s Army Corp – Lost History … By verian mentis-barker

From: verian mentis-barker
To: Guyanese Online
We have a responsibility to ensure that the correct history is recorded and recalled – at least to its closest proximity – especially since it provides fundamental background information about our political institutions which shape the fabric of who we are.


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Guyana’s Natural Resources: Zero Tolerance for Vaitarna and Bai Shan Lin – xpressblogg.com

Guyana- loggingOpinion - commentary -analysisThe sudden decision by China to provide aid to Guyana was hardly puzzling.

We knew that another principle of distributive justice was at work; one that was not formally articulated, perhaps deliberately muted because of the disparate goals of the parties at the deal table.

The world was already watching on at the not so subtle creep of China into the Caribbean and surrounding countries that shared the same dependency on foreign aid because the choices of their post colonial leaders – selfish governance, greed, corruption – led to economic underdevelopment and stagnation that left these countries sitting on potential they were unable to develop.

India, its equally insidious partner, was hot on its heels and did not go unnoticed, either.    Continue reading

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