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China will determine the future of Venezuela – Opinion

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PHOTO: Chinese President Xi Jinping walks next to Venezuela”s President Nicolas Maduro during his welcoming ceremony in Beijing, China September 14, 2018 [File: Reuters]

On January 23, when US-backed opposition leaderJuan Guaido declared himself interim president of Venezuela, he thought deposing President Nicolas Maduro from power would be easy.

He had a simple, three-thronged plan: declare Maduro’s presidency illegitimate by exposing the irregularities in the election that brought him to power, establish a transition government, and hold new elections that would bring the opposition to power.


In graphics: a political and economic guide to Venezuela

In graphics: a political and economic guide to Venezuela

Venezuela: a nation in a state

OF ALL the unflattering words used to describe the state of the country he governs, “disaster” is the one Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, dislikes the most. Perhaps that is because it is so apt. Under his watch, the nation has entered a steep decline. Mr Maduro has restricted the publication of official economic figures. Those that have been divulged confirm that 2015 was a very bad year. And 2016 is going to be worse.

A global oil boom, which provided Hugo Chávez, Mr Maduro’s populist predecessor, money to lavish on Venezuela’s once neglected poor, is over. Mr Maduro has failed to persuade voters that he is a worthy heir.  Continue reading

Caribbean: The drivers of the region’s future – By David Jessop

Commentary: The View from Europe: The drivers of the region’s future
caribbeannewsnow.com – November 14, 2015 – By David Jessop 
In geopolitics it is the long game that matters.

It is therefore not surprising that Guyana’s president, David Granger, and Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro met separately in Riyadh with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Bin Abdulaziz in Al Saud when they attended recently the fourth summit of Arab and South American Countries.


David Jessop


In part, the interest of both men was in Saudi Arabia’s decision to continue pumping oil in quantities that will maintain its global market share but with the effect that world energy prices will remain low. It is a decision that touches the strategic interests of many states from Iran to Russia as well as non-state actors like ISIS.

For President Maduro, a return to much higher oil prices would not only improve his country’s economic fortunes, but also facilitate the expansion of PetroCaribe related programmes across the region. Any significant increase in the price of oil would also offer the opportunity to promote his alternative social thinking, change hemispheric relationships, and broaden resistance against what Caracas regards as ideological and economic pressure from the US and multinationals.    Continue reading

Maduro says Venezuela’s troop deployment was anti-narcotics operation; avoids direct reference to border controversy

Maduro says Venezuela’s troop deployment was anti-narcotics operation; avoids direct reference to border controversy

29 September 2015 16:35 Written by Denis Scott Chabrol – Demerara Waves

Maduro at UNPhoto: Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, September 29, 2015.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday stayed clear of any direct reference to the border controversy with Guyana, but instead said the recent troop deployment had more to do with is country’s fight against drug trafficking.

“With all due respect in this General Assembly of the United Nations, we had to carry out an operation along our borders with Colombia and Guyana.   Continue reading

ExxonMobil to continue exploring in Guyana waters despite Venezuela’s claim

ExxonMobil to continue exploring in Guyana waters despite Venezuela’s claim

Deep-Water-Champion1CARIBBEAN360  – JUNE 24, 2015

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Wednesday June 24, 2015 – Don’t expect Guyana to stop its offshore oil exploration because Venezuela is claiming territorial waters where the “black gold” was recently discovered.

President David Granger has made it clear that his government will continue to back oil giant ExxonMobil in its work because the exploration is taking place in Guyana’s exclusive economic zone.  He said he had met with officials from the company and assured them that they had nothing to fear as far as their operations in Guyana’s waters were concerned.  Continue reading

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro visits Guyana

“No one will come between us” – Venezuelan leader tells Guyana

SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 | BY  |

Guyana and Venezuela have recommitted to stronger ties and increased cooperation in areas of transportation and trade.
In his first official visit since becoming leader of neighbouring Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro Moros also joined President Donald Ramotar in opposing possible military strikes by the US against war-torn Syria. The Venezuelan leader said that nothing gives US the right to be the judge and decide the future of another country. Yesterday, US President Barack Obama held off decisions on ordering a strike, saying he wanted Congress’ approval first.

President Donald Ramotar holds aloft a portrait of Simon Bolivar presented to him by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, yesterday, at the International Conference Centre.

Picture: President Donald Ramotar holds aloft a portrait of Simon Bolivar presented to him by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, yesterday, at the International Conference Centre.

Maduro’s visit comes at a time when Guyana would want reassurance about the PetroCaribe agreement – an oil-for-rice deal that was forged by former Venezuela leader, Hugo Chavez. Under that deal, Guyana buys oil under concessional terms from Venezuela and provides rice in return. Local farmers have been happy over the stability offered by that market.

Continue reading

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