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Living in Barbados: The Hazards of Illegality – Hubert Williams

Beautiful Barbados sung by “The Merrymen” of Barbados.

Living in Barbados – The Hazards of Illegality

By Hubert Williams – Published August 4, 2009.

Bridgetown, Barbados, — More than two years ago I had seen it coming… as some people would say, full butt: that Barbados, traditionally one of the more disciplined, orderly and educated societies in the Caribbean, was becoming increasingly intolerant of some other West Indians being within its borders; and that was why in July 2007 I had sent a letter to the Editor of the Sunday Sun (which was published as an article) calling public attention to what I had begun to observe.

For very specific reasons, I did not send the material to any other newspaper, in or out of Barbados. If it was published elsewhere (and I am not aware that it was) it could only have been through reproduction from the “Sunday Sun”.

The letter had found substantial support in the scholarly research of renowned Guyanese historian Dr. Walter Rodney – whose brutal dispatch in June1980 had shunted Guyana further off the course of stable nationhood – that migration between the two countries was not alone a 21st century phenomenon. Its heaviest flows were during the 19th century, and every time the tap of human movement was turned on, it was Barbadians heading southward, down to Demerara and away from the excruciating poverty and lack of opportunity for Blacks in their homeland.       Continue reading

Guyana cops Best Performer, three other awards at CSEC

Guyana cops Best Performer, three other awards at CSEC

By Kwesi Isles – Demerara Waves – October 21, 2011

Guyana’s Anuradha Dev has been declared this year’s Best Overall Performer at the region-wide Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations.The 15-year-old Queen’s College (QC) girl also secured the Best Performing Student in Science award, Education Minister Shaik Baksh revealed at a news conference on October 21. Continue reading
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