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US: Progressives must assert their power after Democrats’ mid-term victories


Democrats have much to celebrate after the US mid-term elections. Their party needed to pick up 23 seats to take over the House and they will end up with probably 40. But they can also celebrate their greater diversity, expanding the rainbow coalition which Martin Luther King Jr. died for and John Lewis, Jesse Jackson and others have dedicated their lives to.

Non-white representation in Congress dates back nearly 150 years, with 11 African Americans serving in the Senate, starting with Hiram Rhodes Revels of Mississippi in 1870. More than 120 have served in the House, starting with Joseph Rainey of South Carolina in 1870 and including the first Floridian, Josiah T. Walls, in 1873, and the first woman, Shirley Chisholm of New York in 1969. Now, more than 20 African American women will serve in the House.         Continue reading

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