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Surgeon General’s Prescription for Health: Walk More

Surgeon General’s Prescription for Health: Walk More

Published on Wednesday, September 09, 2015 – by Common Dreams -by Jay Walljasper

Photo: ‘To get Americans back on their feet—to enjoy better health and other rewards—we need to make strolling and striding a natural part of daily life again.’ (Photo: Alex Proimos/flickr/cc)

US Republicans using weapons of mass financial destruction- Sir Ronald Sanders

US Republicans using weapons of mass financial destruction

The impact of the government shutdown on the US economy, which is still the world’s largest economy, will be felt worldwide says Sir Ronald Sanders.

By Sir Ronald Sanders 

Sir Ronald Sanders

Sir Ronald Sanders

 Caribbean360 News – Barbados, Thursday October 3, 2013 – There will be a lot of rubbish in Washington over the next few days.  And, that rubbish is not only the garbage that is steadily piling up in the nation’s capital because of the government’s shut down.  It is also the quality of the Republican Party’s argument for refusing to pass a Budget that would allow the federal government to provide goods and services to the public.

While the Republicans have obstructed Budgets before – notably in late 1995 and early 1996 when Bill Clinton was President – there is more than a little racism toward this first non-White American President by the right wing Tea Party element even though they have not dared to say so.    Continue reading