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Ramotar conveniently cites constitution, gives weak excuses for delaying local govt polls- Hardt

Ramotar conveniently cites constitution, gives weak excuses for delaying local govt polls- US Ambassador Hardt

02 July 2014 06:32  – by  Denis Scott Chabrol – Demerara Waves

leadership conference

A section of the participants at the closing of Blue CAPS’ inaugural Building Communities through Leadership Training and Service (BCLTS) programme.

Outgoing United States (US) Ambassador, Brent Hardt has accused President Donald Ramotar of selectively abiding by Guyana’s constitution, even as the country awaits long-overdue local government elections.

Addressing the closing of Blue CAPS’ inaugural Building Communities through Leadership Training and Service (BCLTS) programme earlier this week, he noted that Ramotar’s reason for not assenting to one of the local government bills was because it was unconstitutional, but at the same time the Guyanese leader was not upholding the constitution as far as those polls are concerned.

“He cannot be an inconsistent defender of the constitution – ignoring the constitution’s very clear requirement to hold local government elections and, for that matter, to return bills to parliament no more than 21 days after they are sent to him,” said Hardt. Continue reading

USAID Democracy Project: US project an affront -Luncheon

USAID Democracy Project: Continuing US project an affront -Luncheon

Roger Luncheon

Roger Luncheon

Stabroek News –  December 23, 2013

Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon says that the continuation of a USAID-funded G$300 million (US$1.5M) democracy project here is an “affront” to Guyana’s sovereignty and the issue is engaging the highest levels of government.

“The issue is, the Cabinet of this nation, a sovereign country, indicated to the American Ambassador its definitive position on this matter, and according to the reports in the Stabroek News of the 19th of December, the (US) Ambassador in an article, has essentially said, I am going ahead with what I want to go ahead with, and this decision of Cabinet, disapproving this project, I will ignore, I will disregard, indeed he has effectively challenged state power,” the Government Information Agency (GINA) quoted Luncheon as saying during an interview on the National Communications Network’s Political Scope programme.  Continue reading

Ramotar congratulates Obama on “well deserved” victory

 Ramotar congratulates Obama on “well deserved” victory

November 7, 2012  –  Demerara Waves

Guyanese leader Donald Ramotar on Wednesday expressed his congratulations to Barack Obama on his re-election as president of the United States.

“I take this opportunity publicly to express my congratulations on a hard fought and well deserved victory,” Ramotar stated briefly at a trade union event Wednesday morning.

An official message is expected to be dispatched shortly as is customary.    Continue reading

Diplomats launch community cleanup challenge

Diplomats launch community cleanup challenge

Monday, 04 June 2012 17:57


Picture: A hobbled US Ambassador Brent Hardt times out to chat with a resident in Tucville.

Diplomatic service in Guyana went grassroots in every sense of the word on Monday with the envoys from the ABC countries and the EU launching a cleanup challenge for the Lodge and Tucville wards of Georgetown.

The “Guyana Shines” initiative is the brainchild of US Ambassador Brent Hardt who said the ultimate goal of the project was to ensure a cleaner Georgetown and a more “environmentally pristine” Guyana.   Continue reading

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