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Private Wealth Public squalor – Sanjaya Baru

“The initiative for empowerment of local government will have to come from state governments and through public pressure from below”.

You don’t have to travel very far from the epicentre of power in India to grasp the challenge of urban governance. Take a walk to Delhi’s hip and happening Khan Market. Watch the BMWs squeeze their way in, and the glitzy crowd walk quickly from chauffeur-driven car into fancy restaurant or fancier boutique, noses covered with handkerchief!

There is no experience more sobering for the perfumed than a walk down the inner lane of Khan Market — it stinks. Khan Market has become the latest metaphor for private wealth and public squalor in urban India.

If New Delhi’s central government is unable to address the challenge of urban governance next door, and is not willing to empower the chief minister of Delhi, forget about the titular mayor of Delhi, Continue reading