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Maya Angelou – The ‘Phenomenal Woman’ With Trinidadian Roots


Dr. Maya Angelou

By News Americas Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. May 29, 2014: Many knew her as the poet extraordinaire who gave the world the classic ‘Phenomenal Woman.’ But few knew the roots that had nurtured that voice stretched to the West Indian island of Trinidad & Tobago.

Yesterday that voice was lost to the world forever, as renown author and poet Dr. Maya Angely67ou, joined the ancestors at the age of 86.

Angelou had been suffering from heart problems in recent years. She passed away at her North Carolina home in Winston-Salem, Angelou’s family said in a statement on Wednesday.

Angelou, then Marguerite Johnson, was the second child born to Vivian (Baxter) Johnson, a Trinidadian American nurse, whose father and grandfather had both migrated to the U.S. from Trinidad & Tobago on a banana boat and jumped off in Tampa, Florida. Continue reading

A Stroll Through History – Book Review

Book Review: A Stroll Through History

November 4, 2012 | By |      A journey through life’s burdens

By Dr Glenville Ashby  –   glenvilleashby@gmail.com

Poet’s are known to ponder, to reflect on life’s offering – be it love or hate; peace or war; the sacred and the profane. Theirs is a work of depth analysis, sometimes barely understood. The reader must now internalise, interpret the meaning of that spoken or written word.

In many ways, Trinidadian Jerome Teelucksingh is a traditionalist, holding true to the keys of the genre.
He can befuddle with abstraction, and equally un-impress with strong doses of literalism. A Stroll Through History is a melange of poems – each making a case against the fortuity of life.
Here, humankind is enslaved by the senses and the warped generational archetype that withers individualism. We are but automatons, bound to a machine that grinds us into old age, senility, and death.    Continue reading

The East Indian Presence in Trinidad and Tobago 1845-1917 – six videos

Coolies- How Britain Re-invented Slavery

On September 2, 2010 the Guyanese Online Blog featured four videos on the Guyanese East Indian experience as Indentured labourers in British Guiana.  The tales in those four videos are similar to those featured here regarding East Indians in Trinidad and Tobago.

The four videos on Guyanese Online titled  Coolies- How Britain Re-invented Slavery are at:


The East Indian Presence in Trinidad and Tobago 1845-1917

The Indian Presence in Trinidad and Tobago 1845 – 1917 – done by Premiere Video Productions.
If you’re interested in purchasing the full DVD please contact: qualitycreationsinfo@gmail.com or ktelevision@gmail.com

Legacy of our Ancestors Part 1 of 6 – videos

The other five videos follow this first video – click MORE to continue

Continue reading