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Tribute to Past Guyanese Teachers (cont’d) – By Lear Matthews

Back to School: Continuing the Tribute to Past Guyanese Teachers

By: Lear Matthews

History is not was, but reflected in what is (Anonymous)

My introduction to formal education at Susamachar’s, a kindergarten church school at  the corner of South Road and Light Street, Georgetown included writing with a slate pencil, repeatedly “rubbing out”  mistakes, sometimes with spit on my finger tips, mostly due to lack of confidence.  My brother attended Teacher Georgie School on Princess Street. I then went on to Primary School, where I was introduced to the lead pencil and eraser, exercise book, big cursive (“join-up”) writing and the “wild cane.”  Discipline re-enforced.  By Third Standard I was using a fountain pen with a fine-tip “nib”, and doing plenty sums, although my penmanship left much to be desired.    Continue reading