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Treating domestic violence, calls for meeting the invisible victims—The children – By Yvonne Sam

Yvonne Sam

The children also have a tale to tell and we must listen very well.

Almost daily we mourn the loss of lives (and rightfully so) to domestic violence—a situation that has reached epidemic proportions, and still appears to be spiraling out of control. . Currently, domestic violence in Guyana, affects one in four women, accounting  for one-third of the murders in the country, making it one of the countries with the highest per capita rate for women being murdered as a result of domestic violence.

However, while much talk and efforts is being made to rid the country of the scourge, even to the point of male violence awareness programs etc.,  it is evident that there is no coherent plan, policy or program for the true victims of  domestic violence—the children.  Yes, I reiterate children, for they are also victims of domestic violence.  Seeing that one or both parents are dead for them a bleak future lies ahead.      Continue reading

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