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Guyana: Gas to shore: the pros and cons – ZOOM discussion – Moray House Trust- December 4. 2021

Gas to shore flyer.png
You are warmly invited to join us for the final Moray House Trust panel discussion of 2021.
Title:             Gas to shore: the pros and cons
Speakers:     Fred Collins (TIGI), John Palmer and others

Date:            Saturday 4th December 2021

Time:           5.00 PM Guyana – 4.00 PM New York – 9.00 PM London

Guyana: Govt. transactions sluggish; generate cost for both citizens and firms – IDB

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has reported that Guyana is the lowest ranked country in Latin America when it comes to the speedy services when transacting businesses with Government institutions.

Doing such requires a lot of effort; from waiting at counters, filling forms reading communications, seeking information, sending letters or even learning to use a new system or website. In brief are all time consuming.
According to the 2019 data supplied by Transparency International citizens spend an average of five hours, and sometimes three or more visits to get one transaction completed.            Continue reading

Corruption: Peter Eigen: How to expose the corrupt

Corruption: Peter Eigen: How to expose the corrupt

Some of the world’s most baffling social problems, says Peter Eigen, can be traced to systematic, pervasive government corruption, hand-in-glove with global companies. In his talk, Eigen describes the thrilling counter-attack led by his organization Transparency International. (Filmed at TEDxBerlin.)

As a director of the World Bank in Nairobi, Peter Eigen saw firsthand how devastating corruption can be. He’s founder of Transparency International, an NGO that works to persuade international companies not to bribe. Full bio »

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