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Capitol News – TV News videos – 07 August 2013

Capitol News – TV News videos – 07 August 2013

  • Confusion outside Parliament as groups of citizens took their issues to the picket line.
  • Police called in to protect not so favoured Town Clerk after stand off with vendors
  • Government and the Opposition parties again at odds over the order of Parliament proceedings
  • Disgraced University of Guyana Student Society President to publicly challenge Audit report
  • Opposition APNU restates its position on supporting the Amalia Falls Hydro project
  • Canadians to restart processing visa applications through Georgetown.
  • Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile President to visit Guyana
  • Police and protesters clash outside Parliament buildings

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Council battles to manage the City, while battling the Town Clerk

Council battles to manage the City, while battling the Town Clerk as well

November 30, 2012 Capitol News – There are more problems at City Hall and it has nothing to do with your garbage. The Council moved a no-confidence motion against the acting Town Clerk at its last statutory meeting. The Town Clerk seemed unimpressed by the move, saying, that she is unclear under which Municipal Law the councillors are seeking to remove her.

Yesterday (November 29, 2012), at another statutory meeting councillors voted against the acting Town Clerk continuing in her current post and walked out of the statutory meeting.

After the councillors left the meeting, Sooba tried to address the issue but was told by the Chairperson of the meeting, Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green, that there was not a quorum.

While all the inner fighting  continues at  City Hall, garbage is piling up everywhere.

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