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Government News Brief – December 9, 2015

Government News Brief – December 9, 2015

  1. GINA logoCARICOM countries sign an agreement for $6M Euros from Italy to aid in climate change effects and rising sea levels, Guyana represented by Minister Raphael Trotman.
  2. Tourism and its development – funding available for new product development. – Minister Cathy Hughes
  3. Agriculture – redevelopment of the dairy industry. Milk plant to be established.  More diverse agricultural products e,g. plantains, coconuts and citrus.   Continue reading

Caribbean: Dominican Republic dominates regional tourism


Dominican Republic dominates regional tourism

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, Friday May 23, 2014 – In what Tourism Minister Francisco Javier Garcia described as “an extraordinary year,” the Dominican Republic’s 2013 visitor numbers grew by 3.6 percent over the previous year, outpacing the entire Caribbean region, which recorded growth in tourism of only 1 percent.

In welcoming 4.7 million tourists last year, the Dominican Republic streaked ahead of its closest rival Cuba with 2.8 million visitors over the same period, while Jamaica followed, clocking 2 million.  Continue reading

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