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Toronto: Raymond “Chinny” Lee-Own’s New Triple Play Band … Simply The Best!

In 1995 after an extended run as Band Leader for Odyssey, Raymond “Chinny” Lee-own took a self imposed break from Canada and went to Jamaica for a year. Having been refreshed by the Caribbean’s warmth, he then came back to Canada with the decided intention of having a much smaller band than Odyssey had been.

The combination of himself and two other musicians, Victor Shim and Michael Fisher, thus led to the initial formation of Triple Play. Aside from its trio composition the band’s name Triple Play derived from the baseball terminology, signifying a play of three parts.

Triple Play’s formation for any given booking has however always been flexible. Dependent upon the gig, the venue and/or the specified wishes of whoever’s doing the hiring, the base trio has often been increased to include one, two at times even three additional members. The latter often occurring with ever increasing frequency within recent times, as a result of requests being received for the inclusion of the band’s brass section.        Continue reading

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