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GUYANA: Extraordinary People – Frank Thomasson – By Ian McDonald


It happens. It is life. Great contributions are made. Years go by and they are forgotten and those who made them are forgotten too. But perhaps theatre veterans in Guyana and the Guyana diaspora will still remember Frank Thomasson who died years ago at the age of eighty-eight. He in England, land of his birth, but I dare say his heart was left in Guyana where he lived and worked when he was young long, long ago. I recall so vividly my old friend Frank.

Sixty years ago I met Frank Thomasson in Georgetown and he became my dear friend and though after he left Guyana we lived in different lands we never lost touch and we were as close as brothers. When he grew very old and no longer knew anyone I sent messages through his wife Aileen to say hello and give him a died tight hug from me because I felt somewhere deep in my friend there might remain a spark that let him remember me as I will always remember him.      Continue reading

Guyana: The Theatre Guild Requires Historical Information – By Ricardo Smith

Theatre Guild. Guyana


Here I am in Guyana and have been asked by the THEATRE GUILD hierarchy to talk to them about the BRINK SHOWS which the THEATRE GUILD  did in the 1960’s, as they would like to resuscitate the concept

They would like to hear …..

  • How and why the idea started ….
  • How they were created/put together…..
  • Who directed and produced the shows
  • My mind is totally blank on these shows…. if any one out there can give me some information to pass on it would be great

ALSO.. info required about: GUYANA LEGEND 1966  Continue reading

Rotary Club of Stabroek – “Jazz Wine and Words” – Theatre Guild – 20 June 2015

Rotary Club of Stabroek

Sixth Annual Father’s Day Exclusive Fundraiser,
“Jazz Wine and Words”
this Saturday 20th June 2015
at the Theatre Guild.
Parade Street. Kingston. Georgetown
An evening of wine, breathtaking performances and stimulating conversation
 The link with more details is below.

A requiem for Maurice ‘Mo’ Braithwaite – By Tangerine Clarke

A requiem for Maurice ‘Mo’ Braithwaite

By Tangerine Clarke

Maurice BraithwaiteScores of mourners celebrated the life, and bid farewell to Maurice “Mo” Braithwaite, a fascinating, brilliant, and humbled soul who departed this earth on July 20. Braithwaite died at age 72, after a valiant fight with cancer.

No tears were shed, instead, melodies from the saxophone, the violin, the African drum, the keyboard, and a liturgical dance, filled the room of the Arlington Funeral Home, in Queens, on July 22 to salute the extraordinary life Mo lived. His love of the arts, his charity work, and his indelible commitment to the youth, will forever be etched in the minds, of those who crossed his path.   Continue reading

Pauline Thomas – “Auntie Comsee”


— Guyanese radio “Creolese Comedy Program” of the 1970’s . .. funny!!

This is an interview with Camille Ross of Toronto’s Guyana Beat” TV program that was recorded  a couple of years ago…

This will stir some memories.     Enjoy

Here is the link: