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Opinion: Brexit Has Made Britain Anti-German Again – Tanja Bueltmann | Haaretz

Anti-German dog-whistling has plagued the pro-Brexit camp since pre-referendum billboards enjoined Brits to ‘Halt Ze German Advance’. As the Brexit chaos intensifies, that populist jingoism is becoming increasingly shrill

Tanja Bueltmann | Haaretz

When Germany was kicked out of the FIFA World Cup last year many UK commentators gloated, happily reaching for the German word “Schadenfreude” to describe their feelings. So far, so predictable.          

Even after Germany’s exit, parts of the media still made frequent reference to the German team, and to their status as losers. This was incomprehensible to me. There was an exciting England team progressing through the competition; there was an inspiring coach; players were doing well. Why divert and detract from that positive story, giving space to outdated anti-German stereotypes instead?       

This little episode of football history lays bare something of much wider relevance: The problem of English identity.         Continue reading

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