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The September 11, 2001 World Trade Centre Disaster in New York – By Hubert Williams

The 9-11 Tragedy in New York City – By Hubert Williams

(On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, like hundreds of millions  worldwide, I watched in awe at the dramatic scenes unfolding on the television screen. Our anguish was common. The impact of this incredible disaster was to become more personal. My AA flight scheduled for September 12th, out of Barbados to New York’s JFK International Airport, was cancelled, like so many other flights across America and around the Globe.

One of my sisters, Mrs. Walterine  “Wendy” Sears, was halfway bound to New York from London where she resides when the British Airways flight turned around for its return to Heathrow Airport; and another sister, Mrs. Frances “Jean” Griffith, who held a manager’s position with the huge American Insurance Group (AIG) in a neighbouring skycraper, was among the dust-covered, panicked thousands running wildly from the Manhattan disaster zone towards the relative safety of the Brooklyn Bridge.      Continue reading